by Chameli Ardagh: Perhaps you have been told that your longing is needy, that your visions are naive, your love of beauty is a luxury, and that the face of the One that you have had the blessing to glimpse within your very own heart is but a fairy tale.

You may have been told that you have to make sense,
and be rational, that your stories have to follow
the linear paths to be taken seriously.
And that the whisper of wisdom you hear
from your cat, the sages and the wind in the tree,
is new age voodoo.

Maybe you have been led to believe that your worth
is measured in coins and bills, that you must stay active
no matter what, and the cycles and the rhythms
of the universe that you feel so deeply in your body
should be ignored; there is no time for that.

Perhaps you have been told that your body is wrong,
that you are too old, or too young, not enough, too much.
That your body is a prison,
that spirit is found elsewhere in a faraway place.
And that the fact that you feel everything so deeply
is a problem you must overcome.

You may have been told you must:
have more money, get a promotion, be calmer,
find the soulmate, be enlightened, be more feminine, more “juicy”,
get one more degree, brand yourself, fix yourself, heal yourself,
before you can be truly happy.
Get back on the hamster wheel, sister,
you are (always) not quite there. Yet.

You have been told that this is life,
and this is the way it must be.

You have been told…
yes, what is it you have been told?

You have been told a story.

It is just a story!
It is when you believe it,
negotiate with it,
resist it,
repeat it,
that a story becomes real.
It is you who give it power.

Or not.

What I call the Goddess is that shimmering field of pure potential
within you, where every story in the universe lives.
The story your heart knows is possible is here, available.
It is gestating in your sanity, radiating from the flawless mirror of your heart,
spinning from the pure creative power which is your womb.

Look around you, feel into your surroundings, your life.
There are objects, people, schedules, health issues,
annoying bosses, money, schedules, world crises, politicians,
work, practice, partners or no partner…

and then there is the story you tell about it all.

Is the story you are feeding plugging you
deeper into drama and entanglement,
or is it setting you free?

Right now you are creating the story
we will tell our children and their children.

Is this the story you came here to tell?
If you would choose your story,
what would it say?

I see your unique brilliance,
Chameli & The Awakening Women Team

PS: Here is a mantra practice for you to awaken the story beneath the story.

A mantra is an ancient sound that – while vibrating
within you – is awakening you to the divine intelligence
that is our essential nature. With time and repetition of the mantra,
your body and being release the sticky stories that keep you small,
and begin to vibrate in the same frequency as the Goddess.
The more you say it, the more powerful it becomes…

AIM is the bija -seed- mantra of Saraswati;
the Goddess of creativity and pure potential.

Sit in front of your altar,
or another comfortable place,
and close your eyes.

Take five conscious breaths, letting your awareness
ride on the breath down inside your body
all the way down into your pelvis.

Feel the center of your torso as a piece of hollow bamboo
and from the inside let awareness rise up through
the solar plexus, the heart and up into the throat.

Say the Saraswati Mantra silently, or out loud
while resting your awareness inside the throat.

Om Aim Saraswati-yai Namaha

(Pronounced: ooom I’m Saaraswaatee-yay nuhmuhaa)

We salute the feminine vibration of creativity, wisdom and art.

If you have a mala, you can say the mantra 108 times,
one time for each bead,
if not say the mantra for 5 minutes or so.
End your practice with sitting or lying down in silence.

Source: Awakening Women