by Kevin Faber: Computer technology touches just about every part of our existence. It affects the cars that we drive on our streets..,


the television shows we watch, all the way to government and business.

To become an educated person in this day and age, you will need to understand the basics of how computing technology works. You will get an edge in the workforce by doing such things as learning how to build an app or solve a complex problem at work. Studying computer science will give you the skills to do these things and much more.

This article will give you a few reasons why you should major in computer science. After reading to the end, you should have a clear idea why computer science is a good investment.

1. You’ll Have More Job Prospects

When you graduate, you’ll have a much easier time finding a job than your classmates. A 2015 survey found that computer science graduates became 35 percent more likely to have a full-time job a year after graduation than their peers. A surprising finding from the same survey stated that computer science graduates got jobs 22 percent faster than their STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) counterparts.

Those with a computer science degree will also earn higher salaries than their former classmates. The average salary of a computer science graduate came out to $66,161. Sometimes, these salaries can go into the six-figure range.

2. You’ll Be Recession Proof

The UK’s Complete University Guide states that computer science graduates can work in almost any industry. Wherever your passions may lead you, skills in web development are sorely needed. If you can provide the goods, you can work for your dream company, whether that dream involves high fashion, the film industry, automobile manufacturing, or countless other fields. You can’t name an industry that doesn’t hire computer science graduates on a regular basis.

One way you can ensure that you work in the field of your choice as a web developer is to do a double major or minor while you’re in school. You can also do internships or volunteer work if you already graduated.

3. You Might Have the Opportunity to Work Remotely

These days, many millennials want the opportunity to roam the world while still making a decent living. If you want to make excellent money while you travel the world, get a remote position as a web developer. Web developers and software engineers have some of the best chances of getting the opportunity to work remotely at some point in their career.

Remote work

4. You’ll Be In Total Control Of Your Computer

When you create apps, websites, and other types of software, they will often stay around forever. Many, many people can also access these creations. You’ll feel powerful as you sit at your computer for hours on end telling it what to do with thousands of lines of code.

A famous computer science professor at Stanford once said that computers, while useful, are pretty dumb. They can only do what you tell them to do. You do that through the code that you write in text editors or developer environments. The feeling that you get when you look at your finished product is indescribable. Software engineers experience that feeling in some sense nearly every day.

If you want to choose a college major that pays well, then computer science will act as an excellent choice. If you want to choose a major that will have a major impact on our society in the coming years, then put computer science on your shortlist. Even if your dream job consists of creating websites for famous haute couture brands or portfolio sites for visual artists, computer science will quickly get you towards your goal of doing meaningful work that won’t dry up in an economic spiral.

Source: 33rd Square