by Arkya DeyIn life, we often address physical ailments such as common cold, cough by using external methods such as medications…

Seldom do we try to solve these issues internally through the medium of chakras.  Chakras are energy focal points located throughout the body. The body has 7 major chakras, of which the fifth chakra is the throat chakra.

The throat chakra, also known as Vishuddha is centrally located in the throat region and is blue in color. You can store the energy for expressing your mind and soul, in the throat chakra. Throat chakra allows you to communicate your thoughts and feelings, to receive and process information and to connect with your inner truth. Blocked throat chakra inhibits you from expressing your true self.  You may find yourself struggling to communicate at work, and with personal development for achieving success. You may be unable to share your true feelings and thoughts with others. Also, a blocked Vishuddha chakra will prevent you from tuning into your higher self. Other signs of imbalanced throat chakra include lying, excessive talking, manipulative and timid behavior, and fear of public speaking. Balancing the throat chakra allows us to speak and communicate clearly. Expressing yourself through the Vishuddha chakra allows you to have an awakened state of mind. For this, the throat chakra needs to be balanced. With a balanced throat chakra, you can feel content with your profession and can express yourself.

So, how can you balancing your throat chakra and express yourself through it? Following the guidelines below, will clear your throat chakra and allow you to express your true self freely.

Release negative and old emotions

Sometimes negative emotions such as anger, frustration can block the throat chakra. Release any old emotions from your childhood that could be resisting you from expressing your throat chakra. Letting go of stuck emotions by releasing the past and forgiving yourself and others, can help you feel more at peace and express with the throat chakra.


A gentle throat, neck and shoulder massage will bring the throat chakra to balance and thus, allow you to express yourself better.

Drink plenty of fluids

Consuming healthy juices, smoothies and water helps to clear the throat chakra. Sometimes, restrict your diet to only liquid and avoid heavy meals. This would give your body a break from all the hard work involved in processing the food.


As mentioned earlier, blue is the color of the throat chakra. Wearing blue jewelry around the neck and ears will help in balancing your throat chakra.


Use positive affirmations to balance your throat chakra and express yourself. Affirmations such as I am able to express myself clearly or I feel confident to communicate my truth will allow you to condition your mind and change your beliefs into positive. You can also create your own affirmation to suit your best.

Sound healing

Discover a note that you are comfortable with, that would be your natural pitch. Exercising your natural pitch will help in expression through your throat chakra. Take a deep breath and as you exhale make a sound in your natural pitch. You can repeat this a few times for better results.

Visualize and meditate

Meditate and focus on your throat chakra. Visualize the bright blue colored light, the color of throat chakra and feel it to be balanced. Inhale and feel the light filling up the throat chakra and releasing all energies blocking it and inhibiting you from expressing your throat chakra.

Listen to upbeat music

While cooking or doing chores, play your favorite music that makes you happy, dance and sing to the tune. This would enhance your energy as well as mood.

 Mudra and poses

Mudra refers to a specific gesture to gather energy. Mudra such as the Granthita mudra have served useful in healing throat chakra. Granthita mudra involves interlocking fingers of both hands in a particular manner, followed by inhale and exhale through the nose.

You can also opt for yoga poses for opening your throat chakra.

Focus on your breath

Take slow and deep breaths frequently, inhale slowly, feel the fresh air flowing in and slowly exhale. Deep breathing helps to calm your mind and regulate and balance the energy flow in your throat chakra.

Chinese Reflexology

When you hold back your emotions or don’t express your words properly, it restricts the life force energy in the throat chakra, also known as qi among the Chinese. Smooth flow of qi ensures that your throat chakra gets balanced. The solution to restricted qi is to massage certain reflexology points such the throat point in your feet allows the balancing of your throat chakra.



Reiki processes allow clearance of the Vishuddha. Keep your hands over collarbone and throat and relaxing yourself to enable the energy Reiki to flow.

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Arkya Dey

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