Guru Singh: ‘Usually’ is always valid until it isn’t, and usually is not valid in this current time due to the sublimation and massive shifting of the ages.


In this moment nothing is usual and the enemy to your consciousness is the extreme unconsciousness that accompanies the unreasonable global fear of the unevolved people in positions of power. The only weapon to be used against this highly weaponized unconsciousness will be an ultra-awareness. This awareness — intimately tuned into the winds and waves of the next evolution — will know the enemy’s unconscious, yet conniving, moves before these moves take place. This is the sophisticated weapon of extreme intuition which can shift space before the time arrives. It knows what’s on the psycho-emotional plate of the opposition before the opposition knows it for itself.

The French word for heart is ‘cœur’, and subsequently, ‘cœur-age’, or courage, means a time of the open heart. This current situation — a severe evolutionary stagnation — will require all of your courage to make the doors open to the essential changes. This means an open heart must be conjured up into your active self . . . first thing daily. From this open heart perform with love — no excuse is valid for the lack of compassion when dealing with these extremely unconscious enemies.

The question will arise in you everyday: where are you, who are you, and what do you believe you’re capable of? Our prayer is that you answer this question each morning with your daily practice; that you move forward, keeping up through your grimaces, as the enemy’s vulgarity sloshes over you, and that you do this for the children, of the children, of the children, for in this time before time — where usually is failing to arrive — the future generations are counting on you. SHARE THE LOVE + SUBSCRIBE

Guru Singh


Our Prayer

Source: AWAKEN