Guru Singh Yogi: You’re neither the breather, nor the breath.


The breather of your breath is a Universal creative force sometimes called GOD. The deepest blessing from this ‘breather’ of life is the action of your breathing, for as long as this takes place, there’s life … you’re alive. It’s by breathing that spirit engages your physical body … the articulations of your life remain within matter and you matter. Breath is spirit, and the breather is GOD — you’re the breathing in between them, but you don’t do the breathing … the breather does. The more open to, and aware of this paradox — the “Pavana” in yogic/mystical terms — the more you’re open to the “infinite stranger” … your invisible partner. Infinity is a ‘stranger’ because it’s so far beyond your sensory perception. Experiencing yourself being breathed is your connection beyond…

Source: Guru Singh