by James Hirlehey: All people have innate psychic abilities. Some people have very strong psychic abilities and can communicate


with the dead or anticipate things that will happen in the future. Most of us lack these skills, largely because our lives are so full of distractions that we have built up boundaries that stop us from reaching beyond ourselves and being able to engage things that are just out of focus.

Sleeping is one of the few times that we are not bombarded by worldly distractions, and for some people, when they sleep these boundaries come down and their able to more easily connect psychically. For these people, it is possible that they will experience psychic dreams, reaching out and connecting with things in a way they cannot during wakefulness.

Is it a psychic dream?

But how do you know if you are having a psychic dream? There are three potential signs that you are having a psychic dream:

  • The dream in incredibly vivid and rich with fine details; normal dreams are usually quite vague and hazy on details.
  • You have a clear memory of the dream the next day; rather than just waking up with a vague feeling that you were dreaming, or with a memory that fades rapidly.
  • Your dream includes people and places that you do not already know; normal dreams usually only pull stimuli from your memory, while psychic dreams can bring new, unknown information.

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Types of psychic dream

Researchers suggest that there are two primary types of psychic dreaming.

Precognitive or Clairvoyant Dreams

Dreams that appear to predict future events are known as precognitive dreams. For example, you may dream about a person you haven’t seen for a long time, and then run into them the next day, or dream about an accident, and then see it occur. These dreams can predict both positive and negative events, and can be quite traumatic in the case of the latter. Unfortunately dreams predicting the death of a loved one are one of the most common precognitive dreams. Precognitive dreams about natural disasters are also extremely common, possibly reflecting our connection with the natural world.

Normally a precognitive dream will include signs that indicate exactly when the divined event will occur. In your dream you may experience distinctly seeing the date on a newspaper, or have your attention repeatedly drawn to a clock to impress on you a certain time. While precognitive dreams often show simple things that will happen in the coming days, they can also reveal more significant events that may only happen years in the future.

Telepathic Dreams

These are dreams in which your consciousness touches the consciousness of another, enabling you to see and experience what is happening with that person. For example, you may dream that a relative is sick or has had an accident, only to discover the next morning that they have been admitted to hospital.

Distance has no bearing on the telepathic dream. You may connect with someone in the next room or on the other side of the world, it is about your psychic connection not your physical proximity. You are more likely to connect with someone you are close to, such as a friend or family member, or someone you are (or will be) connected to by an important event.

Sometimes these dreams may take the form of a mutual dream, in which you are in a shared world constructed by your two minds intermingling. At other times you may find yourself completely in the other persons world, almost like a spy. You will generally sense when you are occupying another person’s dream as it will feel alien in some way.

Nurturing Psychic Dreams

In general, we have no control over if and when we will have a psychic dream and what we will dream about, but there are things that can be done to increase your likelihood of psychic dreaming.

Keep a Dream Journal

This is more helpful for letting you recognise when you have had a psychic dream. While psychic dreams will cling to your memory better than other dreams, they will still fade if you do not give them the attention they demand. Take the time as soon as you wake up to write down what you remember and reflect on whether it was indeed a psychic dream.

Watch what you eat

We all know that eating too much sugar or cheese can cause nightmares, but other foods can also inhibit our ability to dream. Avoid alcohol, sedatives or eating heavy meals before bed. Focus on foods which help detoxify your pineal glad will aid your psychic abilities.

Keep a regular sleep schedule

An erratic sleep schedule will not only leave you tired and irritated, but make it more difficult to reach the state you need to be in to dream psychically. Keep a regular sleep schedule, going to bed and waking up at the same time each day – sleeping in on Sunday does nothing good for your body clock. If you have trouble falling asleep at night, avoid screens and strong visual stimuli before bed.

Source: AWAKEN