Dr. Valerie V. Hunt:  “Imagine if we lived in a world where illness and disease were contained and eliminated.


“Imagine a world where new biomedical devices could predict or diagnose the propensity for diseases and abort them before they could damage our health. “Imagine a world where the cost of health care would be a fraction of what it is today. “Imagine a world where health care would be available to everyone.”

by Susan Barber: These words are from “The Promise of Bioenergy Fields Research,” a video by Dr. Valerie V. Hunt. The new biomedical device in question is called the AuraMeter™. This name makes us think of the cameras now available that show all the pretty colors in our energy fields, and the AuraMeter can do that. But it’s much, much more. It may be, as Dr. Hunt claims, “the most valuable diagnostic tool ever developed.”

The AuraMeter not only maps the patterns of energy that precede and cause physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual dis-ease, but it also can prescribe the correct healing approach, and even validate the actual healer who stands to be the most effective in working with a particular individual.

All of this depends upon a new way of looking at health and illness — a way of looking that embodies a new vision of human beings and our relationship to the cosmos.

A New Model for the Living Being

Science has recently begun to realize that reality is not what it seems. Where healing is involved, the ancient traditions of chi kung (qi gong) and acupuncture, among others, assume the existence of energies that our scientific instruments are only now beginning to be able to “see.” Where health and healing is concerned, we have perhaps begun to accept that our vehicle is made of energy, and that it is much more than the envelope of flesh that encases our glands and organs.

But if this is true, then what is that energy vehicle? What is it “doing”? What are its properties? If we could dialogue with these energies, what would they have to tell us?

Dr. Hunt believes that she has found answers to these intriguing questions. In developing the AuraMeter’s potentials, she has actually created a new model for the nature of living beings. In this model, all dis-ease has its roots in what she refers to as “anticoherent” patterns in the human bioenergy field. And the source of these anticoherent patterns is emotion — or, to put it more finely, the way we have chosen to organize our emotional experiences.

Before we look at the specifics of this new model, and the proof of its validity, let us go back to the place where Dr. Valerie Hunt first began her fantastic journey.

The Beginning Science of Bioenergy Fields

Dr. Hunt is Emeritus Professor in the UCLA Department of Physiological Sciences. For 40 years she has been a physiology researcher and university professor. She was the first to discover through research the relationship between changes in bioenergy fields and human behavior and experience.

“When I was at UCLA in the early ’70s,” Dr. Hunt relates, “one of my graduate students wanted me to explain what was occurring physiologically when she was involved in trance dancing. This student had actually spent several years in Haiti involved in indigenous dancing. Prior to her dance I placed sensors on her body designed to measure the muscle tissue and basic organ vibrations. But — lo and behold! — the data from the electrodes showed frequencies that seemed to originate from a source other than her physical systems. I repeated these tests many times and I realized that I had discovered a dynamic field of energy surrounding the human body that had never been recorded by scientific instruments.”

The readings are done via bipolar contacts, like the nodules used in doing an EKG, that takes readings from the surface which go into a small radio system and can then be broadcast. But Dr. Hunt’s instruments were not capable of picking up the full range and intensity of the fields she now wanted to study. EMG instruments, for example, pick up only frequencies from 0 to 250 cycles per second (Hz); EEG and EKG devices register only as high as 100 and 150 Hz, respectively.

This deficiency of standard medical devices to report on the human bioenergy field led Dr. Hunt to seek help from the scientists who developed telemetry devices for NASA. Through this avenue, a brand new research device was created for her laboratory, one which would measure frequencies from zero up to 250,000 Hz — a thousand times greater than anything ever used in medical science before that time. She has called this device the AuraMeter™.

Hunt’s excitement over what she had learned took her to China and other parts of East Asia, where she studied acupuncture and anesthesiology, later returning to the United States and participating in the first worldwide acupuncture conference, at Stanford University. Since that time, she has devoted her life to creating maps of the human bioenergy fields and their relationship to health, spirituality, and the behavior of human beings. From these maps, she believes we will eventually be able to create an extended model of the human being: the higher level of the mind of man.

Human Energy Patterns: the Signature Field

In mapping the bioenergy fields, Dr. Hunt has found that each individual has a unique resting pattern. She calls this the Signature Field.

The Signature Field of a healthy human being is composed of balanced, coherent energy patterns across the full spectrum of frequencies. This coherency shows up on a graph as smooth, gentle, shallow waves evenly distributed throughout the frequency spectrum.

The Signature Fields of human beings who have (or are soon going to develop) disease are of two kinds: deficiency patterns, and hyperactive patterns. These show up on the graph as thick, jagged waves concentrated in the high- or low-frequency bands. Deficiency diseases like cancer and fatigue syndrome have anticoherent patterns in the high frequency ranges, with almost no energy at all in the lower frequencies. Hyperactive conditions like colitis, hypertension, and skin problems show anticoherent patterns in the low frequencies, with absent vibrations in the high frequencies.

Predicting and Correcting Future Problems

Dr. Hunt says that the type of disease — deficiency versus hyperactive — can be determined by the AuraMeter readings, but not what tissues the disease will attack. “That is determined by genetic weakness and other factors that are at this time unreadable by the AuraMeter. But we can tell what kind of diseases will occur, for they fall into those two categories: areas where there is too much chi, or energy, and areas where energy or chi is lacking. The pattern of frequencies tells us this.”

“Until now,” Dr. Hunt says, “many human diseases have been characterized as ‘etiology unknown.’ In other words, the cause of the disease could not be determined, and therefore the only possible treatment was alleviation of symptoms. But physiological symptoms appear because of the field disturbance. If we correct the disturbance in the field, the symptoms disappear and we have been healed. If we treat the symptoms directly, then when a stressful situation once more aggravates the incoherent energy that is the source of the problem, the disease condition returns.”

Does this mean that healing will become a cut-and-dried, machinelike process? Far from it. In fact, Dr. Hunt’s findings point in the exact opposite direction. Healing, she has discovered in her AuraMeter laboratory, is an active process. We do not passively “react to” a healing modality. Rather, we “transact with” it.

The All-Important Healing Transaction

Books have been written and psychologists and philosophers have pondered for centuries the question why some people heal and others do not. Why is it that one man with a terminal disease may have a spontaneous remission, while another with a supposedly curable condition may end up dying a perhaps agonizing death? It happens all the time, and most attempts to explain it have ended up in the mystical realms of faith and something called “the will to live.”

If Dr. Hunt’s analysis is correct, however, we are now in a position to predict not only how, but whether people can be healed. And the answer lies not in mysticism or faith, but in a healing process that she refers to as the healing transaction. With knowledge of this all-important aspect of healing, we will be able to predict who can be healed, how, and by whom.

There are, says Dr. Hunt, five variables in a successful healing: (1) the field of the disease, (2) the field of the person, (3) the field of the therapist, (4) the field of the therapy, and (5) the combined field of the therapist with the therapy being performed.


When the energy of the therapist performing a particular therapy moves and changes the anticoherent energy field, that disease will be healed.” Dr. Hunt says. “But it has to be both the therapist and the therapy that creates this field. And the energy of the healer combined with the energy of the therapy has to transact with the person being healed in order for results to occur.


Here’s an example: Cancer people don’t like red, and yet their auras, the bioenergy fields around their bodies, need energy in the red frequencies in order for them to heal. If therapists have too much red in their energy fields, cancer people will not transact with them. So the therapist who can heal them is going to need to have some red, but not too much, or the cancer person will refuse to ‘transact,’ will perhaps even alter his or her own energy field so that the field cannot receive the healing frequencies. When that happens, no healing can take place. So the therapist has to establish transactions with the people being healed, approaching them in ways that they can transact with — and gradually lead them to accept the needed frequencies.”

Also, says Dr. Hunt, “There are many ‘reds.’ Sometimes, what’s needed is the lower frequencies of red. Sometimes, it’s the higher ones. The AuraMeter shows what’s missing.”

How Are Missing or Anticoherent Frequencies Repaired?

Dr. Hunt has described a range of treatments for various levels of human problems, from the lowest, tissue level, to the highest, soul level. You can read about these more fully in her article “Healing with Electro Magnetic Energy” at her bioenergyfields.org website. In that article, she describes the use of movement, music, and inner imagery techniques for healing. For example, in one kind of healing, slow, flowing motions work best. In another kind, rapid or jerky motions are the most effective.

“Watching members of the cat family” is one source of healing energy for certain anticoherencies, Dr. Hunt says. “Frequencies can be put back in many forms, not just sound and light. Some are better for some diseases, some are better for others. People with certain types of disease will not transact with certain modalities. But with the AuraMeter, it’s not a hit-or-miss proposition. You can predict this. You can see which is which with the AuraMeter, because you can literally see what happens to the bioenergy field when that modality is used.”

At Least to Do No Harm!

“Allopathic practice,” according to Dr. Hunt, “says, ‘Take this pill, and you will be cured.’ And in the physician’s desk manual, when a drug first comes out, there is one little paragraph giving possible contraindications. But after three years, there are three pages of contraindications.” This, she says, is because, in taking the pill, the individual is involved in a forced transaction with something that is harmful to his field, so the result is harmful side effects — even death.

“We can see right away how the AuraMeter approach is superior to allopathy,” she says. “With energy fields, the person cannot be harmed, because he simply will not transact with harmful energies.”

Does the AuraMeter Deny or Confirm Past Lives?

“I call them lifehoods,” Dr. Hunt says. And they are, she claims, right here and now. All of the problems we have not resolved are sitting in our energy fields, and will stay there until we resolve them.

“Psychiatry tries to solve our problems based upon traumas or emotional clusters that seem to have a source in this lifehood — but that’s not the source of the really big ones. If we come into those kinds of really big problems in this lifehood, we can ask the person whether this ever happened at another time or in another place, and they can always go right to it. We don’t need to go ‘back.’ It’s right here, now.

“We can go to the lifehood and find out what choices we made, that we are still making, about how to handle these particular kinds of situations. And we can change these choices. And when we do, the emotional constellation in the energy field surrounding that situation becomes coherent.” Can we tell the difference between past and future situations using the AuraMeter? “It doesn’t matter. It’s all right here,” Dr. Hunt says.

Why People Don’t Heal

Can every single person transact with the energy they need in order to heal? Dr. Hunt says, no, not everyone.

“Our fields are organized by our emotions — not so much surface, day-to-day emotions, although these affect the fields, but by our ‘soul’ emotions. Soul emotions, and the bioenergies that accompany them, seem to stick around literally for lifetimes, for they are related to our survival. They form ways of interacting with physical reality in order to preserve the body itself, and to preserve and elaborate the soul. ”

And because sometimes these emotions were very painful, there are some people who will not transact. Lifehood after lifehood, they refuse. No matter what you do, they change their field to go out of phase with the healing modality or the healer. They will have no part of it. When an emotional pattern is really stuck in this way, I have found that it’s because the person doesn’t want to go back and experience the emotions that were present when they made the choices that are keeping the energy in place. It was a trauma, and they had to find some way of organizing it — repression, anger, running away, whatever it was, it was a decision, and it’s in the field. People have to come to the realization that these decisions were no good, that the emotions which caused the turmoil are still unresolved, and it’s affecting their field.”

But most people are not in this category. Unfortunately, however, the AuraMeter is not yet available on a clinical basis. Understanding all that Dr. Hunt has learned, is there something we can personally do in the meantime to help our chances of healing?

What to Do Until the AuraMeter Shows Up

One consideration is how to tell which therapy or therapist is right for you. “Healers have a Signature Field,” Hunt says. “Some people are great healers of pain, but they can’t regenerate tissue. Other healers are great at regenerating nerve, bone, and muscle. It’s very specific what the healer can do. Some healers, the really great ones, can change their own field based on the needs of the person.”

You can actually find out what healer and modality is best for you, Dr. Hunt says, by simply asking yourself the question, “Is this right for me?” and waiting for an answer. You can’t do this with the left-brain portion of the mind, however, she cautions. “Whether you like or dislike it on a conscious level is not going to tell you whether this will work or not. You have to go inside and ask that question and get the answer. Then you will know.”

And you can work with energy fields yourself. “Just ask yourself, ‘What about me is reacting to this and creating this problem?’ And, again, wait for the answer.”

The Future of AuraMeter

Diagnosis At the present time, the level of expertise needed to use the AuraMeter is possessed only by Dr. Hunt herself, but she is seeking to correct that situation. She and her colleagues are in the process of raising the $2 million in seed capital that they will need in order to make the AuraMeter a device that can be used in doctors’ offices and laboratories throughout the world. Before this distribution can happen, software programs will have to be written which interpret the energy patterns and allow the doctor or technician to diagnose and prescribe. These devices, she says, will sell for anywhere from $10,000 to $13,000.

For Dr. Valerie Hunt, all of our limitations are created by anticoherent bioenergy fields, and when we balance these fields, we become fully functional human beings. Health, energy, psychic abilities, creativity, mental genius, physical prowess — these are simply a description of human potential. We have limited this potential by the way we have chosen to handle our emotions, creating anticoherent energy constellations or patterns that block or distort our natural behavior.

Dr. Hunt knows from personal experience that “we can become the magnificence of the spiritual beings that we are — clairvoyant, knowing, mystical, in command. I look young [she is 84]. I am clairvoyant, I am mystical, I can heal from a distance, I can dialogue from a distance, I can lay on hands, I can read minds — and that is because I have handled my lifehoods, reorganized them, and taken them into one person, one soul who is Valerie Hunt.”

The AuraMeter shows us the way, but in the final analysis, the time will perhaps come when we no longer need outside intervention. Knowing scientifically, beyond all doubt, that all of our experiences come about through the coherent or anticoherent energy fields that make up our larger being… and knowing further, beyond all doubt, that our own choices and decisions are the source of these anticoherencies — will we not then possess the information we need in order to heal ourselves?

Source:  Valerie Hunt Ed.D.