by :  “Awareness is weak without action…”

Those are the words of Reverend Rodrick Burton of the New Northside Baptist Church in St. Louis, Missouri, an activist who helped lead the Ready For 100 campaign to get St. Louis to commit to 100% clean energy by 2035.

Rev. Burton knows that “when communities come together to address an issue, there’s a strength in being united.”

That’s why the Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 CampaignClimate Parents, and Seventh Generation are teaming up to inspire people across the country to take action for clean air and a just, equitable future that benefits all of our communities.

Commit to Clean is our new partnership that will feature the next generation of climate leaders like Rev. Burton who are pushing for just and equitable solutions in communities like St. Louis and across the United States.

Kicking off the partnership will be a series of five stories produced by and distributed on that feature activists from communities across the country.

Watch the latest Commit to Clean video and sign the petition to ask your mayor and local leaders to commit to 100% clean energy too!

We’re excited to partner with Seventh Generation to strengthen the movement for a just transition to 100% clean energy and to lift up the voices of champions pushing for renewable energy and across the country.

Stay tuned for more videos featuring local changemakers and ways to take action in your community by texting “readyfor100” to 69866 or signing the petition for 100% clean energy now!

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Source: Sierra Club