by Sarah Emerson: This time of year calls to celebrate all Mothers as we embrace the blossoming flowers of May and the ‘warmer’ weather…


There are many types of Mothers to be celebrated. You do not need children to be a mother; however, that is how we classify the Mother figure in our society. In the spiritual realm, we first look towards our creative earth Mother to offer us guidance and generate the stable, grounding and nurture we require as humans to be Mother figures ourselves.

Yogi Bhajan beautifully shared this quote with us to understand the concept of motherhood. “By construction, the fulfillment of a woman is motherhood; and motherhood does not mean that she gets pregnant and delivers a baby. If you understand her total behavior, you will understand her motherhood. Her motherhood is service, her motherhood is sacrifice, her motherhood is relationship. When she knows motherhood, she is fulfilled.”

Children are a wonderful way to learn the concept of parenthood or in this case as we celebrate Mothers, motherhood.

Children are born highly tuned-in and receptive to ALL universal truth. It’s no wonder their innate spontaneity and freedom of movement and speech come so easily. Having once been a child myself, I know that this spiritual essence does not have to fade or hide away as we mature. It is very possible for us to remain a “child at heart” throughout our entire life. The Kundalini Yoga tradition helps one reclaim that childlike innocence and attunes one to experience that infinity in the finite throughout our life.

As a mother, we can watch our child’s divine essence unfold naturally and we can also participate in their journey to nurturing their gifts and purpose. This will not only help us as parents embrace our own spiritual truths but will help build stronger loving connections from Mother to child.

Let’s take a closer look at one of the divine universal sounds that a child naturally and developmentally begins producing at a very young age. Take the sound syllable “Ma” for example. This is an early developing sound that babies will begin to repeat and produce as they are exploring sounds and using their voice. It’s an exciting sound to hear for many Mother’s as it’s the beginning of a child calling to their Mother.

Babies understand and know very intimately their “Ma” which is the divine Mother energy or Mother Earth. The first Mother that we learn to know and love is Mother Earth and through our infinite love and devotion to her energy beyond time and space, we learn to embrace and love the Mother that gave us our life. Praise to all our Mother’s for giving us life (let’s thank the father’s out there too!) so that we can fulfill the purpose we were born to accomplish.

Let your fast growing and developing child help you to re-establish connection to your own spiritual essence and to your primal Mother by joining their highly attuned world and learning from the finest and sweetest joys of the simple, yet connected life.

A great way for a parent and a child to connect to one another and to the divine mother is to sit down and BE with each other, allowing movement, play and sound to flow. A great sound meditation from the Kundalini Yoga traditions for the family to do together is the “Ma” meditation. Just a word to all you Dad’s out there, you will have your turn, although today we are focusing on the Divine Mother and “Ma” sound. Male or female, young or old this is a great sound vibration to introduce to your household and small babies will be the first one’s to remind you of the powerful energy within this “motherly” sound mantra.

“Ma” isn’t just a consonant and vowel merging together, in fact it’s an ancient powerful mantra from the Kundalini Yoga tradition that calls on compassion and protection. It instantly connects you to the force field of Mother Earth and aligns you back into the Universal rhythm and tide that lives within. When you chant this sound, your spiritual nature becomes the child, calling out to the divine Mother source.

I either like to chant this mantra using my own rhythm and song-like quality or I play Gurunam Singh’s “Ma” version on his album Silent Moonlight Meditation.  Let the mantra play in the background of your environment to get the “Ma” energy momentum rolling and help facilitate the movement of your lips meeting the vibration.

Remember to recognize and nurture the Mother in and all around us in nature and allow that to help you tap in and connect to that space within yourself.

Have fun! Be creative and connect to the Divine Mother energy as a mother, as a father and as a family.

Source: Spirit Voyage