by Bonnie Greenwell: I have found one of the most challenging experiences in this process is when fear arises.


The mind has much difficulty with change, and the arising of energy and unfamiliar shifts in consciousness that happen with kundalini experiences promote great change, and can be unnerving and disorienting for many people, especially if they do not have a context for the experience or the support of others who are comfortable with it. There are many odd things that happen, most of them temporary and passing, and generally the best way to deal with them are to take good care of the body, have a willingness to face any memories or patterns from the past that may arise to be cleared, and relax into the energy releases until they pass. You may need to change your diet, your practices, a toxic environment in which you life or work, how you think, and find therapeutic ways to release blocks and old conditioning.

Everyone goes through this process differently, depending on their history, health, habits and lifestyle and what one person experiences can be quite unique from another. If pain arises, and is persistent, you should check it out with a doctor to be sure there is no underlying medical condition. If you find there is no cause then it may be related to a block to be released or a held and contracted emotion from the past like grief or rage. If you have shortness of breath or very strong energy you may be doing too much practice that arises energy. The breath alters during meditation or when running energy, usually becoming more slow and deep and sometimes spontaneously panting (called breath of fire when done deliberately) and sometimes it may feel like you are not breathing at all because it so shallow.

One of the most grounding things you can do is to breathe deeply into the belly so that the belly comes out on an in-breath and goes in gently on the out-breath. Just sit or lie down and effortlessly bring attention to the belly as the breath does this and rest the mind in silence as you follow the breath. Once you learn how to do this then you will be able to do it any time and anywhere if you begin to feel agitated or anxious.

Eventually the kundalini process will slow down if you take good care of yourself, release fear and anxiety, and let random thoughts about it become irrelevant, bring awareness below the neck and into the center and relax into the world. Remember the energy is your own life force trying to bring you into a state of openness and peace by clearing and rewiring the flow of your energy. It might be helpful to try the harmonizing energy meditation on my kundaliniguide website which is designed to help direct it into optimal channels and to help you know the fluidity of consciousness. There is also advice on managing this process in my new book “When Spirit Leaps:Navigating the Process of Spiritual Awakening”.

Source: Kundalini Yoga