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The Empowered Human Summit

Over the past few decades there has been a tremendous amount of attention given to the living practice, spiritual value and enlightened benefit of coming into PRESENCE.


Whether it’s Eckhart Tolle, Sri Aurobindo & The Mother, or Leonard Jacobson; there are countless teachers all around the globe that are helping humanity to release their mental distractions, dissolve their egoic patterns and come back home to one’s essential core alignment of embodied consciousness. The unique journey of Divine Union – with one’s original blueprint is built upon this deep tradition of returning to embodied presence with our heartfelt connection to our essence. It is the pure magnificence within this living moment!

What I have come to observe and celebrate in numerous individuals over the past decade is that this dynamic reconnection with our true nature continues to evolve at an accelerated pace as our species evolves into its new “divine human” archetype. It is our sovereign free will right to access our inherent soul gifts that can lie dormant or latent within each and every one of us. This is exactly why so many archetypal writers have progressively mapped out the universal stages within the Hero’s and Heroine’s Journey for our collective gates of consciousness. One could say that the ultimate boon or elixir at the end of this transformational quest is to awaken our highest potential on a transpersonal level for our new era or new epoch upon Mother Gaia as an entire race. Therefore, authors like Robert Boissiere have captured this deep emergence as the true birth of Homo Spiritus, where individuals are recognized as “exhibiting a powerful inclination toward the spiritual aspects of life, in marked contrast to our present (cultural) preoccupations with all things material.” This exploration includes the most ancient of alchemical voyages known as the divinization of matter or the descension of our eternal BEing into one’s own physical body.

Likewise, if you’ve ever heard of the term “waking down,” you truly comprehend how accurate this metaphor is for the courageous decision to bring one’s pure frequency of spirit into the material vibration of our earthly embodiment. This is classically summarized as the operating principle of “As above, So below” that’s grounded in the Hermetic Philosophy of the Emerald Tablets. (The Emerald Tablets) Many of the mystical traditions all over the planet call this the great marriage of Source’s Light within our body temple. It’s geared to engender an entirely new manifestation of wholeness, integrative alignment, and all-encompassing metamorphosis into a wholly new design of existence. Imagine living your greatest joy by anchoring in the expansive roots of your multi-dimensional BEing through your TREE of UNION.

In modern times (through the Science of Spirit) it has come to be known as “organic light fusion” or “cellular resonance” within our biological ascension. The goal is the complete molecular awakening of our infinite substance within the finite nature of our elemental form. Some have even said that our original divine blueprint is the tantric 5th element – the raw power that draws our vital life force into the DNA/ RNA molecules of what is often called the ultimate romance between spirit and matter. (The Fifth Element –Spirit)

As you can see from these numerous examples, it doesn’t really matter what you call “IT” because numerous scholars have documented the growing theory that this living sentient Blue Jewel of a Planet and Her inhabitants are undoubtedly “waking up” to this new dawn of Homo Spiritus. It is the greatest potential of “us” in the largest sense. David Hawkins, Md, Ph.D. describes these higher self way showers as “beings who are awake and vibrating at a high level of consciousness” in his Power vs Force research scale, and Alberto Villoldo (anthropologist and shaman) has labeled such pioneers as Homo Luminous. Even Barbara Hand Clow, Cherokee elder and writer, refers to these pathfinders as Homo Pacem as a confirmation that most human beings with luminous energy fields radiating out from within their bodies are dedicated to the virtues of peace, loving kindness, compassionate presence and empathic integrity. (Awaken to the Awakening Shift)Similarly, the accomplished and erudite scholar Andrew Harvey (The Institute for Sacred Activism) refers to our current window of evolution on this planet as the birthing of a radically new Divine Human “that is born of both Alpha & Omega in an embodied Sacred Androgyne.” For according to researcher John White, we are clearly becoming Homo Noetics – a more advanced form of humanity. (Enlightened Next Magazine)

Yet you might be asking yourself what do all of these terms have to do with me, my family, my colleagues, my community, my country, my home, my neighborhood or my loved ones? You might be curious how this awakening into a fully functioning multi-dimensional divine-human will impact your capacity to develop an authentic embodied presence. You might be asking, “What is the relevance in my own personal life?” To that end, I applaud you! For all adepts (in any tradition) realize this is “where the rubber meets the road,” and you can genuinely thank yourself for reading this article as you walk the road less traveled.

At this pivotal juncture, it’s important to realize and understand that our body vessel or spirit’s “chalice” is our only true home. This incarnate vehicle is literally given to us by Mother Gaia or Terra as the ancients called Her. When we physically take form and reside within the five elements of this Earth we are, indeed, incarnating into Her elemental body. This organic temple is gifted to us by Pachamama’s earth, air, fire, water, and spirit as an extraordinary robe for our consciousness to wear while we take residence here… in Earthly matter. Bottom line, the degree to which we are sincerely HOME or connected inside of our bodies through the vital power of our own soul, spirit and consciousness… is the degree to which we can truly show up in sacred PRESENCE with another. Another way to say this is that the quality of attention we can give to our multidimensional self inside of our own body is simultaneously mirrored in how we are able to -or not able to -show up in the world with another.

It’s our miraculous holographic reflection of the “One-Self” or the authentic demonstration of ONENESS. For there’s an ancient alchemical wisdom that says just because one has been birthed into this world does NOT simultaneously constitute that all aspects (facets) of a person have actually arrived here on the planet. That can sound funny at first, yet this is exactly why so many medicine men and woman have been facilitating shamanic soul retrievals for many centuries to reclaim forgotten or disassociated soul fragments. Thus, true conscious birth or full entry upon arrival is very rare given all of the collective ancestral patterns of amnesia over the many generations. Science has finally recognized the legitimate impact of this limbic birth imprint, and now many documentary films are dedicated to educating the public. (Elena Tonetti – Birth As We Know It) Therefore, it’s understandable that many initiates mature into their cellular light-matter or come into an “Embodied reBirth” at a much later developmental stage in their life.

Many elders and sages throughout the ages have called this shamanic gate an assemblage point SHIFT to the core depths of one’s inner world. The homecoming is through the lens of our royal heart to midwife in this remarkable coalescing of one’s consciousness, and it is all made possible through the miracle of vibrational intelligence. (Core Energy – Shifting the Assemblage Point) Simply said, your biological organism has an unlimited capacity to accommodate higher frequencies of light substance from your original divine blueprint. All that is required is the willingness for the spaces between the cells of your body to open up and receive it!  As The Mother reminded us from Integral Yoga, “the true aim of life is to find the divine ́s presence deep inside oneself and surrender to it, so that it takes the lead of the life, all the feelings and all the actions of the body.” (Sri Aurobindo & The Mother)

Therefore, this chalice is quite a diverse threshold to integrate, and this unique altar is very specific to each individual’s design. Thus, we welcome you to join Gilles Hausammann who has interviewed 25 speakers and experts to speak about how to reconnect to our heart, home of our soul, in order to bring back in our life the true POWER OF CREATION, which is LOVE! Connected to our SOUL, we will create the life we all deserve, we will create the Earth we want to live in. Each day get information on opening up your HEART and uncovering who you are at your core, shared by spiritual coaches, way-showers, who are making an impact by being the change and leading it!

Over 3 Full Weeks of Moving Beyond Your Limitations and Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose While Experiencing Joy, Abundance and Love

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