by Leonard Jacobson: Leonard begins by speaking about how long humans have been trying to wake up and how there has never been a better time in history to awaken than now…


He reveals the same story we are all caught in and explains how we can fulfill our true purpose by awakening out of the story. Other topics include: From separation to Oneness, The pursuit of substitute needs, Waking up out of the story, Liberating judgment, You are love, Revealing your true destiny, Bringing the story to consciousness, Awakening is beyond understanding, Freedom from social anxiety, Revealing who you’ve become in your story, Coming out of hiding, Right relationship from Presence, Fear of judgment and the need for acceptance, A comment of gratitude towards Leonard and Mary, The mind will create 1000 problems so it can find 1000 solutions, Awakening is not about bliss, The reason to choose Presence, and Accepting the truth.

Source: AWAKEN