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Mother Mary : The Goddess Revered As The Great Mother

by Sophie Bashford: Get to know the energies of Mother Mary…


This sacred feminine archetype is widely known all over the world, and is a central figure of worship within the Christian faith. Christians believe that she was a first‑century bce Galilean Jewish woman who became the virgin mother of Jesus Christ. Her name in the original manuscripts of the New Testament was based on the original Aramaic, translated as Maryam or Mariam.

She is also known in Christianity as the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Mary, the Mother of God, Our Lady and Queen of Heaven.

In Islam, she is known as Maryam, and is highly thought of as the ‘Chosen One’ and the ‘Purified One’. Mary has been worshipped as a Mother Goddess throughout the Christian era, but the rise of the male‑led church, state and medical profession in Europe disapproved of Mary’s connection to Goddess reverence.

Mother Mary has always been revered as a symbol of the Great Mother, even when religious doctrine and patristic state control sought to strip away devotion to the Goddess.

Matristic wisdom, however, finds a universally relevant, unconditionally loving and healing set of qualities in Mother Mary.

The archetypal themes of Mother Mary are: 

  • Unconditional love and forgiveness
  • Connecting to our feelings
  • Healing through releasing tears
  • Compassionate witnessing
  • Nurturing and healing the inner child

The touch of Mother Mary 

Mother Mary is the quintessential nurturing, unconditionally loving and validating Divine Feminine figure. Her entrance heralds a period in our lives during which we will discover teachers, therapists and mentors who support our feminine soul’s growth.

When our emotions are simply allowed space inside a facilitated container, which doesn’t seek to make us feel instantly better, or resolved about our pain, we have a chance to heal deeply. These facilitators (often women, but not always) will be sent by Mother Mary to provide us with atmospheres of trust and emotional safety, through offering unconditional, non‑judgemental love and witnessing.

Mother Mary recognizes that we are in great need of having our emotions seen, heard and allowed – to have them accepted and reflected back to us just as they are. When Mother Mary touches our lives with her blue divine light, and activates her mantle of motherly protection in our auras, the exact right emotional support figures will show up like miracles, just when we most need them.

‘Woman, your tears shall heal the world’

Mother Mary knows that you carry unshed tears in your heart. She knows that holding these tears in, over many years, has created a heavy burden that you can no longer carry. With her tenderness and motherly wisdom, she arrives to tell you that it is finally time to remember how to let go.

Mother Mary stores the memories of all your past lifetimes, and knows how empathic, how all‑loving, how gentle and how wise your heart has grown to be. She knows, too, how the effects of an overly masculine environment has ravaged the ancient sacred knowing that your feminine soul possesses. And that you may not know how to release the pain that has accrued in your heart.

Even if you are numb to the grief or sadness, distanced from it or buried within its tomb of grey depression – you can learn how to release and process it.

If the unwept tears are like a huge lump of despair and exhaustion on your chest and body, you’ll be led to the perfect places for expression. You will be taken through the process of emotional release step by step, at a pace that is right for you. One of the most profound divine messages that I have ever received has been from Mother Mary on the subject of shedding tears as a path to retrieving the authentic feminine soul.

At some point, Mother Mary will decide that it is time for you to enter a sacred pool of holy waters. These waters will bathe and cleanse you of old, calcified emotional pain.

Source: Heal Your Life


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