by Shivoham Yoga School: Everybody would like to try HANDSTAND – adho mukha virkshasana (downward facing tree -handstand)…


But it’s not that easy, many teachers try to instruct you in a handstand, but still, you struggle, why?

A teacher can instruct you but can’t help you to hold a handstand, that’s why if you are trying to do a handstand, follow the instructions of your teacher and only self-practice can bring improvement to your handstand,


If you’re a beginner and want to try handstand and need instruction , here are some handstand tips, so you can improve your practice without anyone’s help,

1- Never forget to warm-up, if you don’t want to hurt your wrist and shoulder because these two joints are primary joints for handstand,

2 -You really need active muscles for handstand, because the less muscles you’ll active the more pressure will come on your wrist or shoulder,

3 -You have to do some strengthing exercises

4- Shoulder strengthening exercises because your shoulder will get more than 50% pressure of body weight in the beginning,

5- Increase the flexion movement of your shoulder, so you’ll feel less pressure on the wrist, and it will be easy to find the center of gravity,

6- Abdominal muscles strengthening exercise is very important and the reason is your core doesn’t have any bone, so it can easily tilt towards any side, and that’s why many people hurt their lower back.

7- leg strengthening excerise, as you know that your thigh is the heaviest part of your body we can say ,and in handstand it would be on top,so whenever your upper part of the body disturbs, wrong pressure goes onto your lower body, and we don’t want that, so never forget to engage your thighs

8- I would suggest any kind of planks you can practice, so you can feel your muscles and focus on those muscles during handstand, in yoga we call it energy,

9- Never try on slope surface,if you’re trying wrong, it can create cyst in your wrist, so be careful,

10- For 1 month, try with the wall , wall can be your good support, respect your support system , and you can learn many poses with the help of the wall

So these tips I can suggest for beginners and you won’t get any injuries, 80% I believe,


1- first you need to check your palm , how you are placing your plam , it really matters , if you want to know everything with detail, you can join our yoga program in goa, btw create some space under your palm, so you will feel less pain in yout wrist.

2- now there’s two type of guy , who has tight shoulder and other one is flexible, flexible guy take pressure on wrist , and tight guy take pressure on shoulder, maybe you know already why, so if you don’t want pressure just do some strengthing excersises.

3- center of gravity is importent, if you find it, there’ll be less pressure on your shoulder and wrist,

4- where you look, it also matters ,so there’s 3 place where people look, but as a beginner . you should only look between of your both palm,

5- there’s so many alignment photos of handstand on google, you can find it there and practice


1-Headache ,

2-shoulder, wrist ,elbow, back injury

3-slip disc – avoid cause wrong hand stand can create bad problem,

4-carpel tunnel syndrome

5-hernia – if you fall back into back bend it can create bad problem for hernia desease,


1- if you don’t have headache and you have mostly problem of headache, so handstand can help you to relief from headache.

2-hormonal balance – when fresh blood enters into your head , which stimulates your pitutary gland which is master gland,, and maybe you know why it is good,

3-face problem- if you want to look young and energetic ,so this pose is best for you, cause fresh blood enters into your facial muscles ,which helps to remove all kind of bad things form your face and make it glow, now forget fairness creams and go for handstand,

4- hair lose – good for scalp and hair follicle,

5-strenghthen your whole body,

6- NO anxiety , depression. fatigue etc

7-Refreshes your Joints

8- decompress your spine.


Source: Shivoham Yoga School