by Dr. Georgia Cannon: What do you do when you’re stuck?


You have choices to make or wish you had a choice but can’t see what that choice could be. Over the years of working with clients, both in the corporate world and in the clinic, I have used, and learned many techniques. One or two of these may help you. If you’re the pragmatic type who ‘believes it if I see it’ here are some of the ways I’ve found helpful.

  • Find a professional coach, counsellor or hypnotist who will gently guide you to discovering your answers (not give you the answer!).
  • Use the technique called mind-mapping which helps work through the tangle of possibilities.
  • Find someone who has ‘been there’, emerged successfully, and offer to buy a coffee and use their experience to clarify your thinking.
  • Read, READ, read biographies or how-to books and take what you need from the different points of view. Amazing how often you’ll find yourself saying “How come I didn’t think of that!”

If you are spiritual or believe that we are connected through energy to each other and the universe, the key here is to ask openly, not for what you want, but what is right for you at this time.

  • Connect with your guide(s) and ask for help.Amazingly we forget sometimes to do this.
  • Remember we are the sum total of our ancestors – we stand on their shoulders – meditate and ask for their wisdom and listen with your heart.
  • Build your own spiritual Board of Directors, using the archetype parts of you, and ask each one (or part of yourself) for their answer. Amazingly you will get different answers.
  • Go into nature, walk amongst trees, stare at the sky, feel the energy of the earth and answers will come to you. (This is how I learned to say no to the corporate world and move into the wonderful work I do today).

Let me know what you think,   what do you do when you’re stuck (apart from come to see me ((giggle)).

Source: AWAKEN