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How One Can Manage Stress With The Help Of Yoga At The Workplace

by Rishita Chandra: No one had ever wondered how effective the ancient practice of Yoga could be for them in this age of emails and web seminars…


The next question is, what is this concept to do with my work life? If I am dealing with pressure to submit my reports in the deadline, How Can Yoga Help me Deliver my Best?   

Work in Daily Life

Let us face the fact that no workplace is out of hectic schedule, woe hours, unexpected workload, and some work pressure ready to challenge ourselves. Every single person, whether at a desk job or out in the field, has to cope with stress mounting from numerous day-to-day tasks.

No problem is bigger unless we make it, it is all in the mind that reacts to troubling situations even unexpectedly. For instance, preparing performance reports for audit, in no time or a little task of maintaining an attendance record of your time office.

The Raising Concern of Corporate World 

Concerning the scenario, many corporate organizations have now shouldered the initiatives to let their employees work free of any unprecedented situations arising due to work overhead.

To maintain a good record for the organization is the role of an employee and to never let the employee get off track is what an employer is concerned about.

Ill-effects of Stress

  • Inability to focus
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Inferiority Complex
  • Lack of Communication
  • Lack of energy 
  • Substance Abuse
  • Insomnia
  • Absenteeism due to irregular.
  • Imbalanced work and personal life

Medicines as a Stress Buster     

Tranquilizers and muscle relaxants are no more a solution to get refuge from the burning stress of this age. The medicines are manufactured to slow you down not to reduce the mounting number of files and deadlines to meet at work. 

The downside of medicinal prescriptions is that a composition is made to affect a particular region of your nervous system that has nothing to with your physical posture or activity.

Recent studies have proven that prolonged use of medicines to cure stress leads to long-time side effects that are proved to be rather more hazardous for people who balance their life between work and their families.

Regular and prolonged use of medicines makes you habitual of taking more, which is not less than addiction, hence making you more dependent on pills.                         

How Yoga Can Help at Work

Yoga, on the other hand, comes out as savior since it is a proven solution to bust your stress to an unbelievable extent. On the contrary, Yoga Practice boosts your energy levels as a whole.

A few minutes of Yoga Practice is enough to keep you in momentum and stave-off all the negative traits that hinder you from achieving your goals at work. Your workplace is somewhere you would never want to be sloppy or at a performance.   

No matter how long you have been dealing with work-related pressure, you can adapt to the ancient technique of Yoga to help you out of the chronic stress. It is now scientifically proven that modern age lifestyle can get help from this ancient healing method.

Benefits of Yoga at the Workplace

  • To get back to a healthy lifestyle, one has to give a few minutes to Yoga practice which, to their surprise, can be done in their office chair. 
  • Frequent practice of Yoga can help you control your blood pressure and saves you from cardiovascular diseases and several other factors that arise to a stationary position.       
  • Regular practice of Pranayama can affect your mood greatly, boost your energy levels, it keeps the heart-related risks at bay. This simple deep breathing technique leads to counts of other benefits.
  • Yoga can be a boon for those who have just emails and reports to handle since they are more prone to back pains and other related problems. The right posture can get you out of the trouble and enhances your mobility. For those spending eight to nine hours at their desk, Yoga is a significant role player.
  • Smoking and drinking for many, are the reasons to pay attention to work and to blow off some stress after work. Which in reality, is exactly the opposite. Prolonged consumption of alcohol and smoking leads to the worst of the worst results on your mental and physical health.
  • Yoga eliminates bad habits and ill practices and is the best remedy to involve in physical as well as mental activity to amplify your health level in your daily life and reduce your stress level at work.
  • A simple 5-minute meditation has countless positive effects on you. Meditation helps you focus on the relevant things, keeps off the distractions, and brings a sense of calmness in your mood which is an essential ingredient in your daily work life.             

Why Yoga for Better Work?

What you feel or how you feel during a day at work is somewhat immeasurable since only you know what kind of stress you are dealing with. A stressful mind can never produce accurate results.

Source: Conscious Reminder


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