by : In this time of doomsday-like predictions where our environmental health is concerned, it’s all hands on deck…


We are coming to the conclusion, hopefully not too late, that every little bit of conservation counts.

There is a shift in general consciousness that’s begun to happen. We’re becoming aware of the impact we humans have, and the myriad ways we make that impact. With the purchase of a plastic water bottle as opposed to a reusable one. Using grocery store bags instead of bringing your own. Buying new when used would be perfectly acceptable. These are a few examples of shifts that have started taking place. We see now, how easy it is to carry our own bottle, or our own bag, or shop consignment.

It’s been far too easy, for far too long, to buy into the idea that we as individuals don’t have an impact. One bottle won’t make a difference. One bag won’t hurt anything. But not only is that incorrect, but it also doesn’t really speak to the heart of the matter, which is that we’re all in this together. How we individually live, is how we collectively live. So, not only can one person have a huge impact, we have somewhat of an obligation at this point, to us and to each other, to live as we do. To act like it’s all connected – because it is.

Corporations and businesses are not immune to this connection. In fact, if size is any indicator, they should bear a greater responsibility in fostering that symbiosis we so desperately need… the balance between our impact on the environment and caring for it too. That isn’t always how it plays out, at least not right now, but big business is still run by humans after all. And that shifting of consciousness is undeniable. Hopefully, sooner rather than later, businesses will see this and begin to step up. They can make a big impact. But it’s the people in charge who really need to see it.

In March of 2015, France took a big step toward lessening environmental impact and shifting everyday consciousness too. By putting a law into effect that required all rooftops on commercial buildings to be at least partially covered in plants or solar panels, it was a win for the environment and businesses alike.

Not only is everything that much more beautiful and textured with lush, green plants, but it immediately improves the air quality too. Giving purpose to otherwise useless spaces goes a long way toward raising consciousness.

Solar Panels Save

If they’re so inclined, businesses have a great opportunity with this new law to make an impact on their own pocketbook too. Of course, at the outset, solar panels are much more expensive than a living roof, but over time, they pay for themselves. What’s more, after they’re done paying for themselves they keep doing what they do best: generating electricity all day every day, saving their owners hard-earned cash, year after year.

It doesn’t have to be a big deal, caring for the environment and cultivating awareness of our own impact. Hopefully, in time, it will be second nature to give a building a living roof and/or solar panels… to think of our homes and businesses as having the same effect that we humans have on the world around us. If all we’re doing is consuming, it’s easy to see that’s not sustainable. By building laws into the way we all live and conduct ourselves on this shared rock we call home, perhaps we can begin turning the tide toward a healthier environment for all of us.

Source: Healthy Holistic Living