by Karena Virginia:  This Kundalini Yoga kriya, or sequence, from teacher Karena Virginia will strengthen your aura and protect you from bad energy…


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If you would have told me 20 years ago that healing my aura would bring back my joy, I would have said, “That is some New-Age hype, and I need to go sit in church where my spirituality feels safe.” But then I began studying Kundalini Yoga In this practice, the eighth chakra is considered your aura—or the electromagnetic field that surrounds your physical body. Kundalini yogis, and many others, believe that your aura is the source of your radiance—it is the glow that comes from your soul—and that the energy it surrounds you with has the power to help you manifest what you want and need.

For example, when you radiate love from the core of your being, the energy you present to the world—or your aura—is an extension of that, and you begin to attract more love in your life. But your auric field may also hold limiting imprints from your ancestors and childhood, as well as energetic and emotional toxicity. By clearing and strengthening your aura, you may be able to heal past wounds and open yourself up to more harmony and vitality

Kundalini Yoga: How I Learned About the Power of Our Auras

My journey to understanding this began in deep personal crisis. In my thirties, after the birth of my second child, I lost my glow and luster for life. At the time, my heart was in excruciating pain as I witnessed my father dying. The man who loved me unconditionally and always took away my pain was fading. And I couldn’t help him. The grandfather to my children was not able to come over anymore. I longed for him to make me laugh again, and to say my name the way he had always said it—with love—in his Italian accent. I became paralyzed by a growing sadness and did not recognize that the radiance of my aura had been replaced with emotional blockage and trauma.

When I discovered my husband and I were having a third baby, my heart felt a sense of hope. Maybe my father’s soul would return as a new being—full of life, wonder, and warmth. Just as my belly began to expand and I told the children they’d soon have a baby brother or sister, my father took his last breath.In a state of despair during his funeral, my knees gave out and I fell to the ground. Then I miscarried.

At that moment, I lost my faith. My energy was at its absolute lowest, and I was overcome with feelings of shame, loss, and failure. All I could focus on was numbing my pain, andI hit rock bottom. Knowing I desperately needed to heal, I began studying ancient breathing techniques from a healer in India along with Kundalini Yoga.

This is when I learned that when your aura is strong, it is symmetrical and round. And when it is imbalanced, there can be dimples, pockets, and tears, which cause it to dim. When we clear fears, ancestral energetic imprints, and other things that are no longer serving us, we expand and strengthen this energetic field. Through practices, like the one here, profound and incredible shifts can begin to happen.

When I first experimented with these ancient techniques, I started to feel a sense of hope. Rather than reaching for a second glass of wine, I found my time with God again. My glow returned. I found my spirit shining from the inside out, and I recognized that same spirit in others—an important step in any healing journey, regardless of what big-picture outcomes you may strike out to manifest. Ultimately, when you are stuck and feeling like you can’t muster the energy to face another day, experimenting with different practices and lifestyle changes until you find something that works for you can quite possibly save your spirit. And that spirit-saving practice might just be an aura cleansing.

Kundalini Yoga for strength and security

Your aura will attract positive outcomes and repel negativity when it is bright and strong. Think of it as your shield. This sequence—called a kriya in Kundalini Yoga—is designed to strengthen and brighten that shield. These exercises can generate a powerful clearing effect in your electromagnetic field, which will help your aura become so expansive and radiant that you’ll be able to re-energize and start attracting everything you need with ease. Try this powerful, 30-minute sequence—transmitted from Yogi Bhajan, the founder of Kundalini Yoga in the West—for a few days, and experience its transformative effect for yourself.


Sit in a crossed-legged position and breathe deeply to connect with the source of all life flowing through you. Place your palms on your knees, and from the base of your spine rotate your lower back in circles, keeping your shoulders relaxed. Inhale as your spine flexes forward and to one side; exhale as your spine extends back and to the other side. By doing this, you expand and compress the abdomen and rib cage. Continue in one direction for 26 or more circles, and then repeat on the other side. To finish, inhale with your spine centered, and hold your breath, elongating through your spine while expanding your belly. Exhale, and relax your entire body.See also Kundalini 101: What Is the Aquarian Age, Anyway?