I don’t believe in writing about things that I’m not passionate about for the sake of selling interest… 


I like to think that integrity governs my work — as it should in any profession. Truthfully, yoga was just one of those topics that never piqued my interest, and it was likely a result of unfamiliarity.

But the more I learn about yoga, the more respect I hold for it, and for those who are reaping its profound benefits.

One of the most surprising things that I’ve learned is that each pose benefits the body differently.

Anxiety, stress reduction, relaxation:

Anyone who suffers from anxiety knows how it impacts their body. Its complexities and nuances are physically manifested in various ways, sending many to unnecessary doctors’ visits and specialist appointments. Palpitations, numbness and tingling, difficulty breathing, or gastrointestinal issues can be results of chronic anxiety disorders. Yoga is one of the most recommended ways of mitigating stress and anxiety, and here are some of the best poses that can do this:


Upward Salute:
• Stretches the stomach, shoulders and armpits.
• Improves digestion.

Fish Pose:
• Stretches the muscles between the ribs.
• Stimulates the organs of the stomach and throat.
• Strengthens the upper back and neck muscles.

Salutation Seal:
• Reduces stress and anxiety.
• Calms the brain.
• Creates flexibility in the hands, fingers, wrists, and arms.

Channel-Cleaning Breath:
• Lowers heart rate.
• Synchronizes both hemispheres of the brain.
• Purifies energy channels and allows for quicker sedation.


Cardiovascular health:

Lifestyle greatly impacts heart health. Younger people are experiencing heart-related ailments, which is why yoga might be one of the best methods of exercise and relaxation. Here are some of the best yoga poses for healthy heart health.

Cat Pose:
• Stretches the back torso and neck
• Provides a gentle massage to the spine and belly organs

Sphinx Pose:
• Strengthens the spine
• Stretches chest and lungs, shoulders, and abdomen
• Firms the buttocks
• Stimulates abdominal organs
• Helps relieve stress
• Extended Puppy Pose

Cobra Pose:
• Strengthens the spine, chest, shoulders, abdomen.
• Stimulates the abdominal organs.
• Opens the heart and lungs for increased blood flow.

Cow Pose:
• Strengthens the torso and neck
• Gently massages the spine and stomach organs


Yoga for insomnia:

Since yoga is one of the most effective means of relaxation, it’s no surprise that it’s meditative practice leads to mental clarity – the opposite of which leads to prolonged insomnia. Let’s review two simple, yet highly effective poses that you can try before going to sleep.


Corpse Pose:
• Calms the mind and can relieve stress and mild forms of depression.
• Reduces headaches and fatigue.
• Lowers blood pressure.

Supported Headstand: 
• Stimulates the pituitary glands.
• Strengthens arms, spine, legs, lungs, and abdominal organs.

Regardless of what position you try, from novice to master, something in your body is going to change. It’s incredible to think that how your body moves can influence its function and fluidity.

Source: The Plaid Zebra