by Michelle Karen: On December 25, 2019, at 7:43 PM PST, we shall be blessed with a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (4º06′).

One of the Most Magical Eclipses Ever!

This is one of the most magical eclipses ever! Not only does it occur on Christmas day, but it also comes with a constellation of really beneficial, powerful, dynamic planets, the effects of which we shall feel for at least 6 months!

It augurs exciting new beginnings, favors adventurous endeavors, and opens expansive horizons that will be beneficial to us spiritually, morally and financially.

We should start feeling heightened freedom in all aspects of our lives. If we do not rest on our laurels but go after our dreams with enthusiasm, conviction and determination, we shall find our sense of self-worth reaching an all times’ high, broadening the scope of our experiences. No longer content to settle for second best, we wish to live life to the fullest, with an openness, a generosity of spirit and an optimism that open a wealth of exciting horizons. A string of lucky and happy breaks follows this filled-with-joy eclipse.

Reconciliations smooth out tensions that may in the past, have strained family relationships. A new sense of well-being and hope graciously brings out the best in ourselves and in others.

Solar eclipse-awaken

A reasonable amount of effort creates powerful results. Different business approaches rooted in self-confidence, trust and integrity, lead to exciting new growth and financial abundance.

A wind of excitement, freedom and inspiration blows through our relationships. A friendship could shift to deep love. An unexpected romantic encounter is likely to be dynamic and profoundly life-changing.

A strong need for emotional, mental and spiritual stimulation should however not make us impulsively jump into an affair that is contrary to our best interests or cut off those who have proven to be supportive of us in the past. If we manage to meet the sudden, interesting changes in our social life, with poise, elegance and calm, we shall be offered wonderful, long lasting developments that will carry us into the most beneficial future.

Cooperation with others helps us gain greater momentum. Actions motivated by the courageous, constructive need to make positive changes in our lives and environment, are crowned with success. And even more so, if we combine our strengths with those of like spirited individuals.

We are truly concluding, not just a year, but also a decade, and even more so, a whole cycle of life. Old compelling circumstances that may have been frustrating, no longer are limiting. From a place of great inner power, wisdom, vision and mastery, we are laying firm foundations for a greater sense of security leading to changes that will have a profound effect on our future.

Of course, as usual, exactly where in our personal natal chart this wonderful eclipse falls into, determines which area of our lives will be the most transformed.

Tonight, also, we are entering the 12 Sacred Nights of Christmas. It is said that from December 24th to December 25th, we dream January. On 12/25-12/26, February etc…. Let us create for this coming year, magical new beginnings in all aspects of our reality!

Wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons, the best for this end of year, and an absolutely magical Christmas day eclipse!


Source: AWAKEN