by : 1.  Connect to Your Roots = 1st chakra…


I remember reading about a study done with sweaty t-shirts. Sweat is symbolic of strength. If you are strong I can feel safe with you. This man can provide for my basic needs, he will keep me grounded. So, here is the first link that we establish with another soul. Moving on.

2.   Drink Sweetness = 2nd chakra
How well can she cook? How well can he appreciate my love that I put into the gifts I share with him? How much do I enjoy being with him? We need to trust our inner feelings and be expressive and creative about them. We always look at other’s reaction to our passions. Does he like kirtan? Will she like to a yoga class with me? They started reading about yoga and meditation!  Here lies our second level of connectivity.

3.   Shine like the Sun = 3rd chakra
What in his character will make me follow him? Is his speech full of power? Does she work hard? Does she believe in what she is doing? We carefully watch each other and ask a lot of questions about our jobs, our hobbies because we are trying to establish a link on the solar plexus  (3rd chakra) level. Courage to take risks, courage just to be, sense of purpose and endurance in the face of challenges are the key notes that make us click. And we are going deeper.

4. Speak with the Heart = 4th chakra

Can I reach my heart’s true desires with him?  Just as we have an ideal version of a partner, we also have an ideal vision of our self, and we often seek out someone who will ‘sculpt’ us in a way that will help us reach that ideal vision. Maybe we are looking for someone to show us what it is that we came here for. We meet someone who appears to be very different from us on the surface, but we’re drawn to them because something in us recognizes a trait in them that we feel we lack or need to develop, hence the quiet man with the extrovert girlfriend. And a sound is made without two things striking (the literal translation of ‘Anahata’, or 4th chakra, from Sanskrit).

5.   Negotiate = 5th chakra

Here we are looking at communication and expression of another. Self-knowledge and creativity are the qualities that inspire us on this level. Some people have developed a talent for adapting and concealing different parts of themselves – they are reluctant to disclose any genuine information. But it means that going higher becomes difficult as another can find herself reluctant to trust. Experience the true chemistry. Reveal what you have to reveal. Your true selves.

6.   See the future together= 6th chakra
Can you see it? Can you really see it? Do you ‘know’ it? Here we see and feel other than with physical eyes and senses. It is a level of higher consciousness. Because you can be highly intuitive you can experience the connection with another instantly. Meditating on the pituitary gland can help you heighten your senses.

7.   Unfold the Wonder = 7th Chakra

This is the level of experiencing each other passionately on a sacred level. Respecting and seeing Divinity in each other’s eyes. Loving through the eyes of the Lover. You are Beloved. Try these yoga sets to deepen the connection between you two. Doing yoga together is one of the most profound ways to enhance your relationship.

Source: Spirit Voyage