Amrit Vela – Why do Yogis get up so early in the morning?


When the sun hits the sixty-degree angle at 4 o’clock in the morning, before the coming of the light, that is the Amrit Vela. At this time, you are at your best to gather all greatness.

Days & Nights as divided into 8 pehrs (3hr duration each) 6am-9am 1st pehr of day, 9am-12pm 2nd pehr of day, 12pm-3pm 3rd pehr of day, 3pm-6pm 4th pehr of day, 6pm-9pm 1st pehr of night, 9pm-12pm 2nd pehr of night, 12pm-3am 3rd pehr of night, and then Amrit Vela 3am-6am 4th pehr of night.

Best sleeping times are considered to be 2nd & 3rd pehrs of night ie. 9pm-3am (Total 6 hours)

Rising in the Amrit Vela the ambrosial hours, is considered the most effective time of one’s day to Meditate.

Whether we are awake or not, the subconscious mind will empty itself anyway. We may dream during that time which is an extremely slow and usually unconscious way to process unresolved issues of the subconscious mind.

A beautiful quote by Yogi Bhajan:
”These are the hours when the planet Earth and the self are passing through twilight zones of Time and Space. These hours are from 4am to 7am and 4pm to 7pm. In the morning it is called Amrit Vela in the evening it it called “prayer time.” Any meditation done in a state of unison at that time gives us a clear tomorrow and erases the cause of sorrow which we seed through our thoughts. Through meditation we stand redeemed. It is called Mokosha, Nirvanaa, redemption, or liberation. The balance we achieve will in the end account for our exit from the planet and for our merger with God, or for our next incarnation.. This, in essence, completes and explains the theory of cause and effect, the theory of reincarnation, the theory of the akashic record, or ava gavan.”

Some science: Consider thatas the sun rises over the horizon, before we see it, it’s rays touch the Ionosphere. A very rudimentary metaphor could how a microwave works and similarly the sun’s rays activate the ionosphere. A component of the ionosphere is Schumann’s resonance.

Viacheslav Krylov from the Russian Academy of Sciences writes:
“For a long time, most scientists have cast doubt on the possibility of biological responses to geomagnetic activity. The main reason for these doubts is that the energy of geomagnetic fluctuations that comprise geomagnetic activity is much lower than the thermal noise of biological systems. Despite all doubts, the number of empirical findings describing significant correlations between geomagnetic activity and biological parameters has steadily increased over time.

Krylov presents an impressive list of references with such empirical evidence, and discusses some potential mechanisms. One possibility is that the normal daily variation of geomagnetic activity influences the daily biological rhythms, such as sleep rhythms, of humans and animals. Animals and humans could perceive geomagnetic storms as a disruption of their rhythms.

In fact, SR occur in the same frequency range (0-100Hz) as human brain waves, which are also electromagnetic in nature. Therefore, it has been suggested that SR could resonantly interact with and influence human brain wave patterns, which in turn influence the production of hormones such as melatonin. In animals, melatonin is involved in the synchronisation of circadian rhythms including sleep-wake timing, blood pressure regulation, seasonal reproduction, etc. Thus, a disturbance in the normal daily SR variation could result in a disturbance in melatonin production, which in turn is well known to have potential health effects. But alternative mechanisms have been proposed as well.

In short, solar activity (such as solar flares) affects geomagnetic activity (including SR), which is believed to potentially affect human health. There is statistical evidence to support this, mostly in the form of sophisticated correlation analyses. However, mathematicians could be of great help in the efforts to better understand (or refute, for that matter) the details of the proposed underlying physical and biological mechanisms, involving electromagnetic wave frequencies, intensities, and resonance patterns.

Meditating consciously during the Amrit Vela, is a process by which we daily, consciously open and clean the subconscious mind. This process does not drain the physical and emotional bodies but invigorates and revitalizes the entire being. It is suggested that meditating in the Amrit Vela is simply the most effective, most efficient way to accelerate our evolution.

Source: Spirit Rising Yoga