by Michelle EstevezThe word kundalini comes from the Sanskrit word which means “coiled up…”


This energy is located at the base of our spine, inside the sacrum. When activated, kundalini energy rises up the spine leading to an awakening. When this energy is awakened, psychic abilities and spiritual evolution become heightened. However, it is important to exercise and activate the energy body to strongly develop the chakras. By implementing a consistent practice to increase kundalini on a daily basis our energy body grows to higher levels.

Not all kundalini awakenings are sudden. This is also not a guide to reach a kundalini awakening. However, it is a great tool to work with for allowing proper flow of kundalini energy. It is also  advised to work with a guide to ensure the proper practice.

1. Dance


Moving the body freely brings energy from the base of our roots up to the heavens. When we dance we free ourselves from the containment of thoughts and create through our movement. Dancing to traditional songs can inspire a meditative ecstatic state of being. Connecting with ourselves at this level, on a daily basis, frees us from stagnant energy we may be holding onto in the body.

2. Chant mantra.

Mantras are a powerful form of vibration that comes from deep within to be heard externally. The hum is felt from our base as it rises through and out from our mouth. These primal sounds connect us to universal consciousness. Close your eyes, focus on the space between your eyebrows, and chant Sa-Ta-Na-Ma. In increments of five minutes, begin chanting with a normal voice, in a whisper, and then silently. Then reverse the process.

3. Meditate.


Spend time in meditation focusing on the space between your eyebrows, the third eye, and crown. Imagine white light entering your crown and exiting through the space between your brows. Visualize the mantra Sa-Ta-Na-Ma as you focus on your breath. As you visualize this touch the thumb of your fingers to the pointer, index, middle, and ring fingers with each word. The breath of fire is also a great practice in invigorating the heat from the base of the spine and drawing it up through the chakra system.

4. Consume earth-grown food.

Consume food grown from the earth keeps the body energized and flowing freely. The information taken in by the body gets transferred into the cells. Just as breathing and movement benefits the activation of kundalini, so does proper nutrition. A vegetable based diet enhances the glandular system. Yogi Bhajan once said “sugar is poison to your body.”

5. Do what you love.

Step into your power with every decision and step you take. Activate your interests and dedicate time to the things that light your soul on fire. If that means spending an hour in nature or creating art, do it and connect with your higher self in ways outside of traditional practices. When we are living in alignment with our higher self, we allow life force to flow without constraint.

The dormant energy at the base of our spine is full of infinite potential. How we choose to express it is entirely up to us. When working to increase kundalini energy it is also advised to practice specific kriyas that enhance the flow and strength of each energetic point. 

Source: Educate Inspire Change