by Sarah: Channeling on a journey…


I’ve done a lot of spiritual workshops during my Journey so far. From the Shamanic through to Sound Healing, Energy Work and even dowsing – an ancient art – I have been there, done that, and worn the T-shirt. Still, even by the time I was in my late 30s, I had never been to an event where channeling was discussed or practiced.

I was 38 at the time, had an 8 month old baby, and had recently moved location from Virginia Beach, VA to Lemoore, CA. Once settled, I discovered that I could take the introductory workshop to a series of trainings in Energy Work called the EMF Balancing Technique fairly near to where we were living.

It was a Sunday workshop. On the day before, a well-known author would be giving a talk at the same hotel, so I thought it would be great to do both workshops — my husband was supportive of us all going to Newport Beach, CA. He would take care of our young baby girl whilst I did the workshops.


The talk on the Saturday was by Lee Carroll. I knew of Lee at that time through reading his book The Indigo Children. During my pregnancy in Virginia Beach, two separate psychics at the ARE (Association for Research and Enlightenment) had told me that I had an Indigo child, so I read the book in preparation for parenting my little one and found it very helpful.

I thoroughly enjoyed Lee’s talk. He talks and channels all over the world, and has talked (and channeled) at the United Nations several times too. The information was spiritually relevant, enlightening and funny. I enjoyed spending a Saturday with other people who appeared to have the the same off-the-wall questions on their minds as I did.


Then…the kicker. Lee said “After this next break, we’ll do the channeling.” Errr…pardon? Channeling? Nobody had said anything about that before. I had made friends with the guy who sat to my left. He was a fire chief who had found spiritual openings happening for him since he had begun to learn massage therapy and was experiencing energy moving through his hands during his work and study.

The fire chief guy grinned at my expression. He said “It’s OK – it can feel a little unusual the first time, so if you need to, feel free to hold my hand!” I laughed, but felt comforted because he was a big, grounded person and the offer felt genuine to me. After the break, the channeling began.

I didn’t really know what to expect. Immediately I saw the air change around Lee Carroll’s head (with my psychic eye). I saw rainbow colors and then his face changed completely. He started to speak and his voice was completely different. He started with the now familiar words “Welcome Dear Ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.” Immediately, I felt a wave of love surround me and began to experience some strong emotions. I grabbed the big fire chief’s hand.


At that point, I felt compelled to close my eyes. When I peeked a few moments later, I “saw” an orange being walking down the center aisle towards me. I closed my eyes again. Peeked again, and it walked up my row and sat on my lap. I was aware of its energy and then it began to speak to me in my left ear.

This orange energy being spoke to me in between Kryon’s words when it was relevant to me. When Kryon starting talking about Gridworkers, a term I hadn’t heard before, the energy spoke in my ear and said, “That’s you, that is.” I also clearly remember the being saying to me, “You are pregnant, and the baby is a Nicola, not a Nicholas!” My husband and I had been talking about having a second child and wondering about boy’s names the previous few weeks. Later, I found out that I was a few weeks pregnant at the time of this channeling. Talking to Lee a few years later at an event in the Integratron near Joshua Tree National Park, he relayed that it’s quite a common occurrence for people to discover about new life during Kryon channelings!

During the whole channeling, I experienced strong emotions and a deep sense of connection with the group of people in the room. As Kryon talked about the troubles in Palestine and Israel, I remember feeling a deep wave of grief for the suffering in that part of the world – something that was a new experience for me at the time. Later on, I discovered that the ‘voice in the ear’ is what Kryon and Lee refer to as ‘The Third Language’ – the soul or higher self helping to interpret the group channeled energy for each individual.


Since that intense experience with Lee Carroll and Kryon in late November of 2002, I have continued to follow Lee and his work and found many of his channelings and teachings relevant to my Journey. Channeling is something that we can all enjoy and experience on the Spiritual Journey if we find ourselves in a resonance where it is relevant for us. I have only recently connected with the Wonders, yet find the channels here very practical and grounded in everyday issues – which happens to be an area where growth is required for me! No wonder – pun intended!

I’d love to hear your channeling experiences.

Source: The Wonders