1. “Take what’s useful to you and leave the rest.”
  2. “We always make progress towards what we measure, but we often measure the wrong things–like how much money we have.  If you want to be happier or more spiritually aware, begin to measure how you’re doing with such things.”
  3. “If you want to experience higher consciousness, you need to do the work of letting go of lower motivations and instead become a servant of a higher power.”
  4. “Knowing yourself involves knowing what obstacles in you keep you from experiencing deeper levels of peace.  Once you know that, you can begin to let go of such obstacles.”
  5. “On each step of your journey, listen to and follow your own heart. Everything else is just a distraction.”
  6. “When you stop taking the story going on in your head so seriously, that’s when true awakening begins.”
  7. “Gratitude is not only a good feeling; it’s also a way to awaken to the magic of the present moment and your true nature.”
  8. “What you resist persists, so if you want something to be around for a while–resist it being there.”
  9. “The ego is always complaining about something.  That’s what it does.  But you are not your ego.  You are what watches your ego. That which can witness the ego is where true peace lives.”
  10. “Relationships are a great path for seeing all the obstacles in you to truly loving someone else. It’s a modern path of spiritual purification if used correctly.”
  11. “Drugs such as XTC, psychedelics and magic mushrooms can give a fore vision of higher consciousness. Yet, once you know what’s possible, you need to choose a discipline to help make those experiences your daily reality.”
  12. “Arguing with the reality of what’s happening now is like hitting your head into a wall and then complaining that the wall shouldn’t be there.”
  13. “People enjoy their suffering.  They get something from it.  When you see that your suffering is no longer worth what you were getting from it, that’s when you begin to drop it.”
  14. “If you want to learn something quickly, find an expert who can teach it to you. Ask for help. The ability to ask for help will save you decades of effort.”
  15. “Methods that worked for you at one time in your life may not be what you need now. Always be willing to ask yourself, “What do I need now to help me get to the next level?””
  16. “A good way to work on yourself is to ask yourself, “What am I avoiding?”  As you face what you’re avoiding, you’ll soon end up being less burdened by emotional baggage.”
  17. “The way to get better at something is to put your time, energy, and even money towards it. So if you want to grow, be willing to devote your time, energy, and money towards your growth.”
  18. “The way to accelerate your growth is to take responsibility for everything in your life.  The way to eliminate your growth is to blame other people or situations.”
  19. “Life never gets better; you get better.”
  20. “Information does not lead to transformation.  Information plus consistent action leads to transformation.”
  21. “Getting honest feedback from friends and a romantic partner about your shortcomings can be an accelerated path to personal and spiritual growth.  It’s a hard path, but a quick one.”
  22. “When you know who you really are, you are love.  When you’re not in touch with who you really are, you think you are your personality.”
  23. “Not know what anything means can be very freeing. Normally, we make meaning out of everything, and we forget we’re just making it all up in our head.”
  24. “Money can be a great servant and a terrible master.  Learning how to use money wisely is critical if you want to be happy or grow spiritually.”
  25. “There is a place that’s free from the noise of your mind. Where is this place?  It’s everywhere in the universe except for between your ears.”