by Allison Shoemaker: performs canceled concert remotely…

awaken-Ruthless School Choir Stages Direct Assault On Human Heart


In these troubled times, it can take very little to push one over the edge from “hey, coping, wearing pants and using Zoom for this meeting” to “excuse me, be right back, gotta weep into a pillow.” But do the Chino Hills High School Chamber Singers care about that? Well apparently they do not because they just recklessly released this video like it’s nothing. Teens, how dare you?

In a video posted yesterday to the YouTube channel for California’s Chino Valley Unified School District, these young singers staged a merciless assault on the human heart, individually recording their individual parts of an a capella arrangement of the late Israel Kamakawiwoʻole’s take on “Over The Rainbow.” As if anyone could possibly survive 3 minutes and 30-odd seconds of 19 teens serenely harmonizing together from their respective bedrooms? Reckless. Dangerous. They must be stopped.

The Chino Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) Choral Festival was originally scheduled for today, March 18; while it will hopefully be rescheduled at a later time, the Chamber Singers decided to make some music anyway and, per the notes on the video, “through technology were able to appear together as a family again,” those monsters. The video notes go on to say that the “performance was shared online for the CVUSD community with the goal of spreading hope and cheer during this difficult time.”

You sound amazing, you bloodthirsty youngsters. Now please stop coming for our hearts and making it so dusty in here.

Source: AVClub