I saw a mixture of memes and “Corona Rules” across the Internet for several days and adapted it for a video version.



I’ve been searching for the original writers of many of these jokes to give credit, pay them, etc. and TONS have reached out to me claiming to be the writers or having the “thoughts first.” But its the Internet… these are things we ALL have thoughts, mentioned or written in various ways or have been originally said by the media themselves. I don’t know W.H.O is the original writer or if there is even just one since there are so many versions of these thoughts. But I will never claim to own things that I don’t… or be funnier than my mom tells me I am. I’ve loved meeting you all so much. It feels amazing to share laughter with so many people across the world and bond over our uncertainty. Sometimes, it’s the only thing we CAN do. Thanks for me letting me be a small part of your story during this time. 🙏🏼

Source: AWAKEN