By Gloria Karpinski:  Meera means miracle. Mother Meera is a miracle. I want to share a small part of my experience with her. Mother Meera of IndiaTo put words to a miracle, thus to any experience with her, is challenging. I find that none of the words fit; they don’t stretch enough or they seem pretentious. When we use words to describe lesser realities, they don’t seem powerful enough to describe the radiances that she embodies and call forth within us.

Mother Meera incarnated into a female body in India. Small and beautiful, wrapped in shimmering saris, she is, as one would expect, very compelling in her presence. According to all reports, she repairs the house, shops, tends to the garden, and is an excellent cook. She now lives and dispenses darshan (blessings) from her home in Thalheim, Germany, a small conservative town not far from Frankfurt, as well as several other places including Asheville, North Carolina, USA. They are not you basic Hollywood idea of a setting for such a drama. But then neither was Nazareth. Or the many other places Avatars have chosen.


People come from all over the world to receive her darshan. In silence, one person at a time, she touches and blesses releases and calls forth, accelerating the evolution of all. With her eyes – her amazing eyes – and her touch, she unties the knots of bondage and gently, firmly calls you to yourself. She does this without a word. From the moment you are seated, sharing this holy space with pilgrims from France, South Africa, the Orient, and the Americas, until she arrives, and throughout the next few hours, you are held in a living, vital breath. I experienced moments of being breathed into infinity, then lovingly returned to awareness of my ego self; breathing in, breathing out; expansion/contraction, the dance of life.

There are no hiding places with Mother Meera. Her light reaches deep into shadows, recovering wounded and fearful energies that have blocked the way. This living in a miracle is a gift beyond measure, albeit not the most fun for the ego in the short run, but for the serious student (and ultimately that is all of us), it is pure grace. Everyone I have known has experienced an acceleration of the karmic issues they are using for growth and a new-found strength to complete those issues. Invariably, the gratitude is high as all of us realize how many plodding, trial and error efforts, indeed how many lifetimes, have been burned away by this grace. A great teacher can affect your life positively; a master can alter your life pattern; and an avatar can change your evolution.

Avatars are a gift of grace to us. They are on a direct assignment from the godhead. From realms of light, avatars bring to us revelation and a quickening in our evolution. They transcend religions, even though religions are often built on their teachings. But they are beyond separatism and dogma. Their message is always one of universal love and unity.

Source: AWAKEN