by Sandra Ingerman: In 2000 I began teaching a workshop internationally titled Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light…


This work ended up being so powerful for so many who learned that this work not only heals us individually and also showed through scientific experiments how we could transmute toxins in our environment.

In introducing the work, I always share that there are two phases. There is the personal work we need to do to change unhealthy habitual patterns of how we act in the world. There are shadow states, anger, fear, old wounds that live in all of us. And as we live our lives we want to heal from our past and become the best people we can be. There are daily spiritual practices we must perform to transform our state of consciousness so that we treat ourselves and all of life with kindness, honor, and respect.

The second phase of the work is the ceremonial work that we can join together to perform. Ceremonies are the shaman’s vehicle for creating change. But performing ceremonies without integrating the daily personal work you need to do will not be successful in getting good results. Doing the personal work to transform yourself into a more evolved person and performing ceremonies as you work is the perfect combination to actually see successful results.

People’s lives have been changed in a positive way from doing this work. And students continue to communicate with me via email and through social media that they cannot tell me how well they are riding the current wave of change we are in due to the corona virus in ways that they feel calm yet empowered. They are just loving engaging in the practices daily.

As I shared last month one teaching in shamanism is epidemics are birthed through the flooding of the collective with negative thought forms. And as I wrote last month, we have had such a string of trauma that has triggered pretty much all of humanity. We don’t all agree, but we are doing a great job shooting poison darts into the collective negatively impacting all of life.

We have been doing our work, but this is time to really step up our minute to minute practices so our lives are filled with sacred acts such as bringing ceremony into how you cook, clean, communicate with others, and so on. Everything in life is a ceremony. Perform your ceremonies with consciousness.

I found myself before the corona virus needing a lot of alone time and quiet time. By the time we were in isolation I realized I have been in isolation for a long time.

I have needed time to listen to my soul. My own inner voice, my body, my heart. It has become so loud “out there” that I can’t hear my voice anymore. So I spend every free minute in silence. Just to meditate and be with my own thoughts. Such inspiration comes through when I do this. I also felt like I had lost my own sense of flow. Finding flow is critical to good health on every level. And then I feel my own strength and don’t get lost in the wild collective states people are immersing themselves in right now.

A key to our survival will be listening to the wealth of information coming through you – not others.

I do as part of my work in the world glance at Facebook. I have been so inspired by the wealth of wisdom the native people from different shamanic cultures are sharing right now.

And what touches me the most is how all the information matches what each elder from different tribes are bringing through. The guidance was brought through from being in all night ceremonies for nights.

Life is a ceremony. A ceremony performed for a few minutes without building a strong relationship with nature and the helping spirits simply falls flat.

Create a sacred life. Honor your life throughout the day. Be diligent with emanating love, Light, kindness, honor, and respect to all that is alive. This is just one action we can take to heal the field of energy we created.

In the 1980’s I was woken up in the middle of the night by a loud booming voice. The voice shook my entire room. The message of the Voice was “Humans have been looking for God outside of themselves for 2000 years and the next 2000 years humans will be looking for God within”.

I definitely felt the truth in this message and of course can see so many on this inner journey.

It was interesting that the voice returned 2 years ago. My husband and I were booking an adventure. As we were filling out the paperwork, I heard that same voice say, “You won’t be there.”

We do get important practical information if we learn to listen.

It is so powerful to bring transfiguration ceremonies to your loved ones and your community. If you click on the button for The Transmutation News you find a transcript of a transfiguration ceremony I led for four hundred people. Feel free to use it to bring this vital work into your community. Adapt it or use it as it is.

The full moon is May 7. Let’s step up the frequency of our work. Certain harmful energies cannot live in higher frequencies. Fill yourself with your divine light, absorb it into every cell, and then radiate this brilliant light and frequency to all of life.

If you are new to reading The Transmutation News please read Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage.

Stay well and filled with light.


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