by Lucid Dream Society: The thing is that some people have no trouble in remembering a few dreams per night, whereas others recall dreams only irregularly or not at all…


Here is where dream journals are coming in hand! For a successful dream recalling, a dream journal is a must-have, especially for lucid dreamers!

Without dream recall, you may have a very hard time to experience a lucid dream. Why?

Because how are you suppose to control your dreams, without being able to remember your dreams in the first place?

Even if it happens that you lucid dream accidentally, there is a high chance to forget (all or) most of it.

I will share some facts as well tips on how to keep a dream journal in order to experience some crazy lucid dreams!

In this article we focus on:

  1. Why dream journals are a ”must-have” for every lucid dreamer
  2. Benefits of having a dream journal
  3. How to keep a dream journal (Guide + TIPS)
  4.  Final tips
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1. Why dream journals are a ”must-have” for every lucid dreamer?

There are a few VERY important aspects of dream journaling, which are:

1. Dream recall/Dream remembering

As we mentioned, dream journaling helps you to remember your dreams better.

By simply writing in detail each morning the dreams that you had, in just a few weeks you will be able to see a huge difference in your dream recall!

The more you wait, the harder it will be to remember what was your dream.

So, in the morning, with the opening of your eyes, start to write in your journal.

This will make it much easier for you as well you will become better in a shorter period.

Tip: Have a dream anchor

This is on basis of Neuro-Linguistic Programming technique (NLP).

You should choose an object in your room, close to your bed, that will train your mind to remember your dreams whenever you see that object.

Whether you are going to bed or waking up, have this in mind:
every time you see it, it should remind you to remember your dreams.

If you really have a hard time remembering your dreams, you should check our step by step GUIDE with 10 ACTION STEPS that you can implement immediately in order to remember your dreams!

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2. More vivid dreams

By writing in your journal, you will be able to remember the dreams much better, so they will start getting more vivid – they will look more ”alive”, with more colors and much more details.

3. Deam symbols

After some time you will start to identify your ”dream symbols”.

This is crucial for becoming conscious!

You can recognize that you are in a dream exactly with the help of your dream symbols/signs!

So, by keeping a dream journal you will develop an idea of your dream signs, which will trigger lucidity!

For instance:

If you often dream imaginary creatures, or that you are flying, or that something very weird and unrealistic is happening, there is a high chance that you will be dreaming! (don’t forget to do a reality check to find out!)

And these scenarios will be familiar to you when you write your dreams down, so you will be able to recognize that you are dreaming!

Even if it is a normal dream without any unrealistic events, there are going to be these dream symbols that will tell you indirectly: HEY! You are dreaming!”

Benefits of having a dream journal-awaken

2. Benefits of having a dream journal

There are some outstanding benefits from keeping a dream journal. A few of them are:

1. Improving overall memory

Not only that improve your dream recall, but it is an overall exercise for your brain!

2. Stop nightmares

A dream journal will help you develop dream recall, causing you to notice different dream patterns, including reoccurring nightmares.

You can overcome these nightmares easily when you become lucid so if you have troubles with bad dreams, be sure to take a look at this 8 WAYS TO OVERCOME FEARS AND ESCAPE NIGHTMARES WITH LUCID DREAMS.

3. Increasing awareness

Deciding to keep a dream journal could be one of the easiest, yet more life-changing decisions you’ve ever made!

Keeping a dream journal forces you into a daily habit of thoughtful observation, making you more aware of your surrounding as well as your deeper-self.

Exploring your subconscious-awaken

4. Exploring your subconscious

Dream journaling can give insight into our mind during sleep. Some people find it interesting to read over their dream journal entries.

The memories come back and also it explores where our mind goes when we are asleep.

Also, dream journaling allows you to interpret your dreams, which can be very interesting, too.

You can find out what is going on inside you, as well some deep wishes, inner feelings, and thoughts!

5. Good for your overall health

Studies show that journaling improves your overall physical health, strengthening the immune system and slowing down the aging process!

6. Improves your creativity

Recording your dreams can potentially increase your imagination, as well as generate new thoughts and ideas.

Many iconic works of art were born in a dream! A few example are:

  • the Beatles song “Yesterday”
  • Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein’s monster
  • Christopher Nolan’s movie – Inception
  • Niels Bohr: The Structure of The Atom
  • Albert Einstein: The Speed of Light

… how cool is that!

The list can go on and on! I hope you got the point! 🙂

The most effective way to keep a dream journal-awaken

3. The most effective way to keep a dream journal (Guide + TIPS)

So let’s jump directly into HOW to use the dream journal in the most efficient way.

Step 1: The notebook

Find a notebook or journal specifically to record your dreams in. Do not use it to write anything unrelatable.

You can take a look at these examples here (or you can check how to make your own version, just keep writing):

Step 2: When to write?

Write in it right after you wake up since dreams are fading very quickly after you get out of the bed.

If you do that, the memory of your dream will start to disappear, and at some point, you may forget all of it.

It happened to me that after I wake up, I started with my morning routine, and even though I was able to remember a lot of details about my dream, after 10-15 minutes I forgot most of it.

I needed to think and try very hard to remember some parts. I’m pretty sure that it happened to some of you too.

So try to avoid this mistake.

*Always keep your dream journal NEXT to your bed (with a pen!)

Step 3: Present tense

When you wake up, try have a similar thought to – “What I just dream about?” Then start writing!

Write in present tense since that will help you to remember even more details by putting you ”back” into the story of the dream.

Step 4: The structure/arrangement

I like to make something like a framework.

Since sometimes dreams can be very weird, confusing and even overlapping, this may help you to keep it simple and to follow the main goal: write as many details as you can.

 So, try that – separate the page of the notebook on parts, where you can write:

  • The location of the dream – What was around you, is it an unknown place or a familiar one?
  • Your emotions and feelings – What were you feeling, is it changing throughout the dream (for example, is it changing if you are in certain places or being in certain places?)
  • The people – Who were you with? Was it the people you are normally hanging out with?
    What were they doing, were they acting weird/normal?
  • The weather – Does it change when you are in certain places or with specific people? Was it sunny, foggy, dark?
  • What were you doing (activities)
  • The dream symbols – Things that reoccur in your dreams, the ones that will help you to trigger lucidity
  • The feelings that the dream made you feel
  • How do you feel NOW about this dream
  • Write a title of each dream


How do you feel NOW about this dream-awaken

You can answer and include even more details, the ones above are just a few ideas.

You can always buy already made one, like THIS one, or THIS one, which won’t take of your time if you don’t have it (or if you simply don’t feel like doing it 😀 Which is completely cool).

I am just enjoying making it by myself.

You can also write all of the questions, numbered only on the first page and then on every other – just write the number of the ”question” and then the answer.

That will save you a lot of time and you won’t have to rewrite each time the question.




You can try to draw images from your dream, doesn’t have to be pretty or precise, just a quick sketch (for funny reference, check the photo above, my drawing with my cool stick people! :D).


You can also use different colors (both for drawing and for writing) to express different emotions or themes.


If you feel confused due to overlapping dreams or not enough memories do not freak out.

Try to write anything you remember and don’t try to form a narrative or follow a sequence.

Later on, you can read it through and perhaps try to make the connections better.


Choose 1-2 dreams (in case you remember more) and focus on them.

Write down the most vivid and powerful dreams, well described.


We mentioned it already (you can see in the pictures above), so once again:

Write a title for each dream!

That helps in reference and in some cases is an opportunity for more insight.

There is never a clear meaning of dreams, therefore, we continue referring back to them and thinking over the same.


Achieving lucid dreams is possible if you commit to it. The mind needs a constant reminder to focus.

Having your dream journal throughout the day helps you to stay focused on the goal.

Another thing is that often is happening that you see or hear something throughout your day, that reminds you of the dream that you had!

So, having your dream journal comes in handy.


After all, if you really don’t like the idea of walking around with your dream journal download an app and write your dreams there.

Dream Journal Ultimate Mobile App is FREE and it is good because it makes it very fast and easy to write down your dreams.

After all, one of the first things that a lot of us do in the morning is taking our phones, right?


To fall asleep faster and easier, as well to boost your memory, try to make yourself a dream pillow.

It is very simple, yet super effective!

You can see how to make it right HERE!


For better focus throughout your day, take a look at the best vitamins and herbs that will give you a huge boost not only in your dream recall but in your overall lucid dream experience.


If you are curious what is the meaning behind some dream symbols check our article with the most common 80 dream symbols and their meaning/interpretation

(+action steps for each symbol)!



Was that convincing enough for you to start a dream journal?

It is not only beneficial for lucid dreaming but also for a bunch of other stuff as we mentioned above and it is super fun!

You can do it as creative as you want ( get some very cool ideas and inspiration from some BULLET JOURNALS that you can easily use in your dream logs!).

Feel free to share some cool dream journal ideas by sending an email or just writing on our social networks!

You will be able to see some good results after a few weeks of using the journal.

Do not forget to write EACH morning (even if it is something quick/small if you are really in a rush).

After some point, or even at the beginning, when you start with your dream journal, consider combining it with the other ESSENTIAL parts of lucid dreaming, which are:

Source: Lucid Dream Society