by Jonathan Robinson: If you have been breathing lately, you have surely noticed that most people have been negatively impacted by the pandemic and/or politics…


Especially in America, there’s an endless stream of ads, bad news, and dire warnings of the future we face. If you’re not careful, this bombardment can greatly affect your mood, and make it very difficult to experience inner peace.

Admittedly, I fall into the hole of self-righteousness and worry from time to time over the state of the world. Yet, since my focus is on finding deep peace and happiness, I’ve studied how to find inner peace despite the pandemic and modern-day politics. Over time, I’ve learned that 3 things have helped me…(and perhaps they can help you too).

First, I limit the amount of   time I spend on various   news sites. My personal   limit is 15 minutes a day.   Any more than that, and I   tend to feel burdened by all   the pain and stupidity in the   daily news. Fifteen minutes   is more than enough time  for me to know what’s going on, while at the same time, get clarity on who I want to vote for.

Second, I remind myself that I’m not an all-knowing God who knows what’s best for the world, or that I have much power to change things.  Things will go the way they go, and my worrying about how things are going, judging them, or complaining about how things are is just a waste of time and energy.

In addition, I practice frequent letting go using something called The Sedona Method.  At the heart of this method is the simple question, “Could I let go of trying to control this thing/person I really can’t control–just for even 30 seconds?” In under a minute, this question leads me to let go of worry and be fully at peace with the way things are…Try it yourself and see if it helps you…

Lastly, I have a daily ritual of  meditation that allows  me to disconnect from the material world and enter into  the ocean of peace within.  The Buddha said, “Peace comes from within.  Do not seek it without.”  Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is Within.”  Yet, I see many good people try to attain peace in “the world,” where it surely is not located. By having simple ways to tap into internal peace, love, and bliss throughout my day, I find I am better able to handle the slings and arrows of modern-day life.

I hope my tips for finding peace in these times are helpful to you.  If you’d like to know more about powerful ways to quickly deepen your inner peace, feel free to listen to my podcast, “Awareness Explorers” (on iTunes, Youtube, etc., or for guided meditations:  Also, feel free to contact me for individualized instruction on tapping into the “heaven within.” Learning to quickly tap into inner peace is surprisingly easy to do with the right methods, and is a great gift to give to yourself…

I hope you’re taking excellent care of yourself during these stressful times.

Source: AWAKEN