Yoga poses that improve your memory…



Paschimottanasana Is known by super brain yoga, this type of yoga position is for increasing memory power. There are many benefits to this yoga position. E.g., helps stretch the spine, helps with the internal organs, therefore, it relieves digestive, constipation problems and the nervous system.

The mental benefits for this yoga position is to help calm the mind and improve your concentration.

  • The way to start this pose ‘paschimottanasana’, by sitting on the floor.
  • Your legs should be spread straight and your hands should be placed on the floor besides your body.
  • Try to Bend your body in a forward direction, starting at the hips.
  • Lengthen out your tailbone, lean forward to stretch your hands forward towards your toes.



Padmasana is an intermediate and advance pose known as the lotus pose, is done with your legs crossed, to help deepen the meditation by calming the mind. This pose has several different benefits. Helps calm your mind, increases your awareness and attentiveness. Helps improve your posture, it can ease your menstrual aches. It’s good for your spine, pelvis, bladder, abdomen, and restore and increase your energy.

  • Sit down on the floor open your legs, spread them apart and straight out, in front of you.
  • Try to bend your right knee, grab and lift it up with your right hand, then place it on the outer side of your left thigh.
  • Now, bend your left knee, lift it straight up using your left hand and place it on the outer edge of from your right thigh.
  • Then place your hands against your knees, palms facing down.
  • Close your eyes and concentrate.



Padahastasana is known as an inverted posture, to help with the main physical benefit in stretching the entire backside of the body, from the head to the heels. It is a great way to control your bloating and constipation issues, it helps relieve sciatica, the spine, the circulation of the blood, your back muscles.

  • Stand up bare foot on the floor in a very still straight position.
  • Exhale slowly bending downwards from your hips until your hands can reach your toes.
  • Now grab your toes with your hands and stay steady.



Sarvangasana is known to be a powerful pose, it means, “the whole body” it is learned pretty quickly and used frequently by everyone who masters it. The benefits are to help improve blood circulation, digestive system, back pains, sexual disorders, the functioning of the organs, helps you lose weight, helps with insomnia, thyroid problems, and headaches.

It also helps you with your complexion by removing dark circles around the eyes. However, there are some precautions with this yoga position, so make sure to research each pose if you have medical issues.

  • Lie down flat on the floor.
  • Jerk your feet up by trying to lift your legs in an upward direction.
  • Then put your hands on your back to support your position.
  • Now, lift your legs upwards until they become perpendicular to the ground.
  • Finally, rest your head/shoulder on a soft cushion till you feel comfortable enough for you to perform this activity.



Halasana is a yoga pose that is known as the plow. A tool commonly used in Indian agriculture.  Halasana is pronounced as hah-LAHS-uh-nuh. This pose is used to prepare you for the ‘field’ of the body and mind for deep rejuvenation. The benefits are known to help with back pain, lungs, throat, leg cramps, digestion, also good for menopause, infertility, headaches, and sinusitis. It relieves fatigue and helps relieve stress.

  • Start by Laying down on the floor.
  • Then you lift your legs up in an upward direction until they become perpendicular to the ground.
  • Okay, now bring your legs downwards towards over your head until they touch the ground.
  • Finally, put the palm of your hands firmly on your back in order to support your position.

Crane pose


The Crane Balance Pose is also known as the Bakasana, it can be a challenging balancing pose and it’s used to improve your balance and coordination. This pose isn’t just known for the memory, but also helps promote and improve digestion and concentration issues.

This pose has several benefits, it helps you become more flexible, tones your arms, wrist, and shoulders. I helps balance your mental and physical strength.

  • Start by standing on the floor in a firm straight position.
  • Exhale slowly, bending forward towards your feet.
  • Then put your hands on the floor in front of your feet.
  • Exhale slowly then jerk your left leg to lift up your leg off the ground.
  • Then fold your knees and try to put your left knee on the outer side of your left arm.
  • You than balance your position, by lift up your right leg, folding it as you place the right knee on the outer side of the right arm.
  • Finally, look in a straight direction in the front you.

Tree StandPose


The asana is pronounced as VRIK-shAH-sana.

This posture replicates steady stance of a tree. A very different yoga pose, it requires having your eyes open in order to get a good body balance of the Tree Pose. The benefits of this pose are more emotional and mental than physical, because it helps you with your balance. It also helps your bones, hips, and legs. Due to the stability of the pose, it helps build self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Start by Standing on the floor in a firm straight position.
  • Stretch out your hands straight up in the air and bring them down slowly.
  • Then fold your left leg from the knee and place it on the inner side of your right thigh.
  • Now, look straight. Join your palms together in prayer position and place them in front of your chest.
  • Close your eyes.



Sukha – meaning easy comfortable and joy. It is a common pose and usually practiced with meditation to help you do breathing exercises (called “pranayama”). This pose is very good for people who have very tight hips. The benefits are to help open your hips, help you concentrate, helps alleviate anxiety and stress.

  • Start by Sitting on the floor with your legs spread straight in front of you.
  • Then bend your left knee folding it in a way that the sole of your left feet is placed on the inner side of your right thigh.
  • Bend your right knee in a way that the sole of your right feet is placed on the outer side of your left calf muscle.
  • Now, place your hands on your knees. Don’t stretch your body.
  • Keep your back straight and close your eyes.



Vajrasana pose is known as a Diamond Pose, Pelvic Pose, Thunderbolt Pose, Kneeling Pose or Adamantine Pose. This is a pose which forms the base of many other asans. The benefits to this pose are to help calm the mind, cures constipation, gas problems, it increases alleviate stress, helps tone the body and flexibility. If you like this pose read more about the cat pose.

  • Start by Kneeling down on the floor.
  • Both of your knees and big toes and ankles should be parallel to each other and should touch the ground.
  • Now, place your palms on your knees.
  • Then keep your spine straight.
  • Finally, Look in the front direction, close your eyes.

Reclining Hero Pose


This can lead to an over-arching of your low back that can result in poor posture and possible back pain. Reclining Hero Pose helps stretch out your legs and hip muscles, which restores balance and equilibrium to your back. The benefits to this pose are related to help the joints, knees, arms, thighs, ankles, and shoulders. This pose helps increase circulation of the blood in the heart and in the head.

  • Start by Placing your body in Vajrasana post (refer to the pose mentioned above).
  • Try to jerk yourself, and try to bend your body backwards until your head touches the ground.
  • Then keep your hands on the floor, (make sure to be comfortable), distance from your body, palms up.
  • Finally, rest your head on either side of your body or just keep it in the centre. Close your eyes and relax.

Source: AWAKEN