by Marianne Williamson: As Christmas Eve nears, billions of people all over the world are joining hearts and minds in a single thought:


that in the midst of even the darkest night, the birth of something new, something perfect, and something miraculous is possible.

To many of us, that new possibility is encapsulated in the birth of Jesus – not only in the world 2,000 years ago, but within each of us every moment that we allow pure love to enter our hearts and extend outward to the world. Even those who do not view that love as the emanation of Jesus can feel the power of Christmas. It is a yearly reminder that a better world can still yet be.

This year, the message of Christmas is particularly poignant. Our world is weary and grieving, and hearts are heavy with the stress of our global challenges. While Christmas means nothing if we allow it to mean nothing, it means everything if we allow it to be a message from God. It is a message that miracles happen. It is a reminder that love solves all problems, that each of us can give birth to a better Self than the self we have been before, and that none of us are unaccompanied in our efforts to make the world a healed and holy place.

I wish for you a Christmas of spiritual meaning and deep experience. I hope the love of God surrounds you and enfolds you and all those you love, restoring and revitalizing every saddened place within you. I hope the New Year dawns with a profound recognition that the Light you saw on Christmas day was the Light of your true self, and everyone’s. Jesus was born, and in the spirit of his birth the entire world will be reborn.

With love and blessings, Marianne Williamson

Source: AWAKEN