by Meg Blackburn Losey PHD: There are energetic forces at work that are bringing much change to our bodies, our minds, our spirits…

Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.-Awaken

With and even before these changes, many people claim to be Masters of spirit, of light and even of darkness. Who is and who is not is easy to discern based upon the egoic need to claim self Mastery at all. Mastery isn’t something to achieve it is a way of being. Once we get the hang of it we become contagious with the fineness of our indelible connection with the infinite, and the high vibration that we carry as a result.

Mastery comes from being an aspect of the living one, expressing into creation every experience that we have, and as we do, creation brings our expressions back to us in beautiful ways that we have no idea to even expect. But it happens every minute.

When we live in our true Mastery, creation recognizes that and it becomes a part of the common consciousness, the mind of the Living One, creating greater light for we and others to live within. As it does, more and more people awaken, their gifts and grace expands, as does ours, and our light grows exponentially. We change not only in ourselves but what we contribute to our world and all others by virtue of our existence.

Many years ago I wrote Being a Master to an online list who claimed to be Masters when I realized that there were egos at play, and comparisons as to who were greater Masters than others and saddened me. As I read the posts, what came to me is that calling yourself Master belies an understanding of what Mastery of self truly is. .

True Mastery isn’t a competition. It isn’t a status or an indication of more value than others. It is pure truth embodied in human form speaking silently as it energetically changes everything and everyone in its presence.

It requires a certain state of being, of living, of being our perfect selves outside of our stories and illusions. Several years after I wrote this, it was made into a video and is now in multiple languages, touching the planet and originating from a moment of personal realization. You can too, by virtue of taking what I am about to say into your heart.

The video, in all current languages has had hundreds of thousands of hits. It is on is on You Tube and is called “Being a Master:

It was made by Oribel Divine. The original version is on my web site under tools for life at but for the purpose of this now, I have expanded the original version and shared more of what I have learned since the original one was written.

As you go out into the world on a day-to-day basis, I wanted to leave you with tools that explain the truth of self Mastery. What anyone else thinks doesn’t matter. It is how we live, the choices we make, and how we express ourselves with meaning, how we touch others, whether intentionally or otherwise, how we express our hearts and even our innate light.

We don’t have to try to be Masters.  The truth is that we already are that.  It is our perceptions that change our view of self into something less pure.

What does it mean to be a true Master? 

  • A Master never needs to make the claim that they are one. It is evident in their actions, words, thought and all other forms of expression and by virtue of their very being.
  • A Master has unconditionally accepted him or herself as who and what they are outside of all illusion or perceptions of being imperfect. We are always perfect except by perception.
  • A Master never separates themselves from others, but sees their true nature using everyone as a loving mirror.
  • A Master has humbly listened well and answered the call when their name is spoken from the heavens. They have accepted their assignments with no hesitation attached, no what ifs and no looking back to the past.
  • A Master embodies the Living Truth with no drama, no trauma, in every moment that they are.
  • A Master embodies personal integrity. This doesn’t mean how honest we are in the world, but how honest we are with ourselves. Self deception is one of the greatest causes of fear. We can tell if we are in personal integrity if how we feel on the inside matches what we experience on the outside.
  • A Master not only has learned to give, but to receive, having given him or herself value of equal measure across the board.
  • A Master embodies love instead of practicing it as an ideal or an idea.
  • A Master is able to find compassion for everyone including themselves
  • A Master is in truth everything that a Master teaches, and is always open and aware that as an aspect of the infinite evolution of Creation, there is always more to learn.
  • A Master knows no comparison of experience with others as to level of accomplishment. Mastery is not an achievement. Each is on a perfect path to what his or her soul seeks.
  • A Master embraces all that he or she is faced with without fear; instead, with a full heart and the purity of his or her wholeness and a true knowing that whatever the outcome, it is perfect.
  • A Master sleeps well at night, knowing that he or she has done their very best in any given situation throughout the day and that’s all her or she could have done.
  • A Master Knows there are no mistakes, only opportunities to change direction or to learn something, and then rather than beating themself up for it, can laugh at the humanity of it and go on to the next thing without dragging what was behind them. Everything we experience is by some sort of choice known or unknown. To change what doesn’t work we can choose as many times as we desire. This is the reason that we have free will.
  • A Master looks to no one for approval, but is open to everyone to share what he or she has and accepting to new avenues of thought and the wisdom others have gained. After all, we all have a piece of the puzzle.
  • A Master basks not in ego, but in humility and wonder at the scope of the infinite and the beauty of the world we live within.
  • A Master never feels as if he or she has learned it all because that is impossible. We are in a constant state of evolution and as everything changes what we perceive does too. What we learn we are taught. What we know is truth. Truth evolves and never, ever stops. A Master is steeped in truth, morphing their perceptions as the evolution of truth remains constant.
  • A Master carries that Light everywhere he or she goes without judgment or attachment to outcome, after all, once it is shared, it will grow according to the choices others make.
  • A Master goes with the flow, allowing him or herself to regenerate, honoring that which he or she needs to be at their peak potential, for if one is truly within the flow, one gets as much as one gives.
  • A Master needs no words such as these to convey the simplicity of the apparent complexity of what is. It just is.
  • A Master is love, on Earth and everywhere beyond.

As you walk the earth, basking in the love of home, remember that you are a Master. You chose to be so and having chosen this path so it is, and it is you. Do not doubt the infinite by confusing it with your humanity. It is all the same, happening from within you not to you. Carry your Mastery as a mantle of the Divine as you go about living amongst those who have yet to realize their true identities. By virtue of your presence so they are too.

Source: Spirit Lite