by Luminita D. Saviuc: I would say ‘I’m sorry’ to all women…


I’m sorry for not honoring the beauty, grace, and power that lies in you;

I’m sorry for betraying your trust;

I’m sorry for all the tricks and mind games we have played on you;

I’m sorry for turning woman against woman because of our lack of fidelity;

I’m sorry for abusing you – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually;

I’m sorry for making you feel like you needed to compete with other women to get our love, validation, and attention.

If I Were a Man for A Day

I would say ‘I’m sorry’ to every single woman.

I’m sorry for poisoning your mind and hearts with the many lies and secrets we have kept from you;

I’m sorry for all the pain, we men have put you through;

I’m sorry for all the hardship you had to endure because of us;

I’m sorry for taking you for granted but also for making you feel like you are not enough;

I’m sorry for calling you the weaker sex and for trying to take your God-given power away from you;

I’m sorry for not treating you with the love, dignity, and respect you truly deserve;

I’m sorry for shattering your confidence and for making you feel small, unworthy, and insignificant;

I’m sorry for not knowing how to control our sexual urges;

I’m sorry for causing you to lose your trust in men;

I’m sorry for making you think there aren’t any good men left in the world;

I’m sorry for projecting our darkness onto you and making you think it was your own;

I’m sorry for forgetting that you were created from the rib of man  – to be beside man, to be protected by man – near to his heart and to be loved by him.

I am sorry.

And as a woman, I would say to all the men:

I’m sorry!

I’m sorry for not knowing how to be a good mother, a good sister, a good partner, a good lover, a good friend, and a good woman. 

I am sorry…

Hope you can forgive us. 

The world of humanity is possessed of two wings: the male and the female. So long as these two wings are not equivalent in strength, the bird will not fly.” ~ Abdu’l-Bahá

~love, Luminita💫

P.S.I know there is a chance that some of you might get upset while reading this piece. But before you let your emotions take over and lead you in a strange, dark, and unloving place, I want you to know that this piece was written from a place of ONENESS – I am both the Man, and the Woman – the one who did harm, and the one who was harmed… I am the one apologizing, but also the one who received the apology… Am at the good and the bad. The beautiful and the ugly. The oppressor and the oppressed.

I am it ALL.

A bit confusing, I know, but that’s only because ONENESS is an Experience and not a Mental Concept. And from the bottom of my heart, I hope you will read these words from the same place it was written – LOVE & ONENESS.

Source: Purpose Fairy