by Guru Singh: People are always curious, how to know if what they’re sensing is intuition, or just an emotional charge…


The answer is usually quite simple, intuition leaves no emotional trail; does not arrive with even the slightest emotional attachment . . . not even a tiny one. Intuition is an excellence of your total awareness; arrives without preference or attachment to the revelations involved, and then leaves you neutral . . . with options. It’s a bit of a magician that way. Whenever there’s a preference or attachment to an outcome, the sensation you’re experiencing is the charge surrounding an emotional focal point.

This is not intuition, but the result of an emotion penetrating the question. Intuition is incredibly calm — yet it permeates everything around it with its revelations . . . there’s a big difference between this permeating nature and how an emotion penetrates. Humans nuance their emotions, often without accurately or completely expressing them. The accurate unexpressed emotions are then invisibly stored inside your emotional body, waiting for another opportunity to express their preferences . . . often blurting into awkward moments with impassioned certainty — posing, of course, as intuition. This is not intuition — it’s a very convincing emotional charge. You can unconsciously live within these multiple layers of incomplete emotional expression — holding their disruptive patterns layered within other unexpressed preferences . . . all the while maintaining deep attachments . . . waiting to awaken and pose as intuition.

Our prayer is that you practice being bold enough to make your move; permeate your inner world with the awareness of these layers — admitting that you have them is a good place to start. Express them into your meditations; then — when they’ve been expressed — gently practice using intuition to guide you forward. Living intuitively will eventually become your very rewarding reward.

Source: Guru Singh