Donna Quesada: Now, I also wanted to follow up on that. Do you have a personal practice?


And I think that following the Brahma Kumaris’ way of life is a chaste way of life. Can you say a few words about that, and if you have a meditative practice of your own? What is your go-to?

Sister Jenna: So, when the Awakening happens, your consciousness changes. So, from closing my nightclub at 5am, I started to wake up at 4am in the morning and go to bed at a different time, right? So, my day-to-day routine is that Im usually up at 3 or 3:30 in the morning, and I sit in either my room or the prayer room, very much in silence. I listen to Baba and whatever signals he is guiding me with for the day. I can also feel the needs of people at that time. So, my pure wishes and good wishes will go to them, where ever they are. And then at 6:15 or 6:30 is a daily class. So, we study that class, which is read in India, and the same class is spread throughout the 9000 centers in 120 countries.

So, that collected vibration of frequency of that same teaching goes through over a million students all over the world. So, each of those students is vibrating that collective energy to create a Golden Aged world of beauty. And every hour on the hour, we do a practice called Traffic Control, where we pause for either 30 seconds or 3 minutes of Om ShantiI am peace and I am an instrument of peace. And again, we connect to Baba, and we catch if we were doing something wrong. Could you be more kind? You shouldnt think like that. Or, maybe you are just feeling the love for the transformation.

And then, by the evening time 7-7:30, meditation. I try to turn in by 10:30 or 11. Ive been turning in quite late during this particular time, but Im still up because Im just a morning person now. So that is like my day-to-day routine. And its not like I seek my meditation to find my energy with God, but when Im walking around and thinking about What is Baba signaling to me? What is the best thing to do?… the practice that I also do, which a lot of people have liked… if Im walking around the house… if Im walking outside in a program, I have to go to a meeting… I feel like the vibrations that Im leaving behind for whomever walks into my space… Let it be of love and light.

So, I kind of have that practice of leaving the fragrance of the vibration with me as Im walking or moving around. So, I try not to be very hasty, even though I do everything very, very fast. Im very fast at whatever I do. I cook fast, I clean fast, and all of that, but I am not fast (points to head). So, I feel that the more we develop a relationship with God… with Baba… then, that relationship will begin to open up the soul and consciously make certain decisions.

So yes, celibacy is a part of our lifestyle. Vegetarianism is a part of my lifestyle. You dont have to do it at an organizational level. You have a choice to make, but for me, it was the most profound, beautiful thing… to have nothing clinging to me. No relationships, no emotional stuff, no games, no privation, no compromising. My focus, self-transformation for world transformation, and I am here as Gods child to be of service for humanity and so, that has kept me on the straight and narrow. Its okay, everything opens up in a different way. And that is my choice. I wasnt interested in getting married. I was interested in having children and I always thought I would adopt children, but now I have so many kids around me and they are all like my own. And I realize, Oh, Ive got it. Great. Great and I dont have to change the diapers. Perfect.

DONNA: It sounds like you dont have any regrets for the way your journey has progressed. So, if I were to ask you, What would you tell the 20-year-old version of yourself? Probably you wouldnt have done anything different? Or would you have?

SISTER JENNA: No, I think she did it all. She enjoyed the world. She saw the world of materialism, beauty, power, wealth. She went, okay, thats it? And when she went into the world of spirituality, it was endless. Every day, she was learning more and more. Every day, she could see more and more, so its very different.

DONNA: So many people today… and I read so many stories about women in particular, who are stuck. Either stuck in a relationship that is harmful to them… toxic, or unkind… Or, they are stuck in a job that they dont love, or arent connected to, or they’re exhausted. How does one get unstuck? Maybe they are watching this and they are wishing they could be where you are. In a place of ease on the inside. How do you take that first step?

SISTER JENNA: I think they need to listen to what their quiet voice, their inner voice, is signaling to them. I think thats the answer and I feel that a lot of the time, that inner voice and that quiet voice is signaling to them what to do, but they arent listening. So, they are caught up in the outside world. So, I would recommend that they listen to their inner voice. Thats what I did.

Remember I told you about the trance experience? Gods light was calling me. And then all my friends were there smoking and drinking and they were calling me. So, thats my external voice. I know that one too well.  But my inner voice is like the great, great, great grandparent sitting in the rocking chair on the porch, looking at you with eyes of wisdom and seeing your destiny and your future at hand. And seeing what your potential and your power can be. And they are sending you the thoughts from a distance, child. See that? See that in you? You are that. And I think, if they listen to that inner voice then you will get out of it in no time. They would get so much help from God if they did that too.

DONNA: It seems like a couple of things are at work because we make excuses. Because we say we have to stay in this situation because I need the money or because I dont have anywhere else to go. This or that or the other. But its almost like we need to trust God. You know, whatever you call God… Everything will be ok when you listen to that. That inner voice.

SISTER JENNA: Women out there… if there is a woman out there right now that is in an abusive marriage… whether its physical or emotional, or if shes just in a relationship where she feels that its toxic… She needs to hear todays session. Because we are not in the arcane days where a woman needs a man to validate her. She doesnt need a man to pay the mortgage. If she recognizes that her purity and her dignity and her self-worth is more priceless than a mortgage payment, then she will find the courage to move out of it. She might have some hard years. Maybe the first year of building herself up. But when her husband or her partner sees her finding her dignity… Energetically, his energy cant hurt her because he will see that shes stepping into her power. Its a vibration that she is carrying.

And the other thing is, I wouldnt tell a woman to get up and get out and dont worry because God will help you. I would say, okay, make a plan and stick to it. For the next six months you are going to save this amount of money. You are going to start to look for things. You are going to find maybe a one bedroom that you can rent. A friend that you can stay with, but you can do it. The society and the civilization right now are so open to help women in those conditions. I think they need to know that, Donna. And I think that is a big help. The thing that Ive been focused on is depression. One of the areas that has become a very big need is mental health.

DONNA: Absolutely.

SISTER JENNA: Its been something Ive been observing a lot. How a soul can go down a particular pathway in a thought and get trapped in that space of consciousness. And no matter how much your loved ones talk to you to snap out of it… get out of it… The soul is just there. Im still exploring it, but I feel that if that soul gets unconditional love, it will break and it has to break. Anyway, its just been an observation Ive been having for the last two or three years.

DONNA: And yet, at least in our education system, we are not taught to trust that inner voice. The voice of God, perhaps. Something is not right here, or, this is not where Im supposed to be… We are not taught to be intuitive. We are taught to be rational, and work it out with the pros and cons list. And Id like to get your input on that. What does it take to get to a place where we understand that there is a great power in listening to our heart?

SISTER JENNA: Curiosity. Just be curious. The innocence in you is always going to be curious and I think that when we think we know too much or have to much, it kills our spirit. I was about maybe two years into my spiritual awakening, and apparently there was all this light around me, and vibrations and powers, I dont know. But people noticed. I was just closing up my nightclubs. Im like Jenny of the block. What are they doing?

So, I went into our meditation. Into our Babas room and I stay there in prayer and I said to Baba, “Im not who they think I am. Im not a saint. I dont know whats going on.” And God says to me, he says, “Look, I dont need you to be perfect right now, but just be honest.” And when that happened for me, that was it. That just opened everything up for me. Then I realized that you dont have to project or prove your power or strength to anyone. Your spiritual journey and awakening are about your transformation and comfort within you. And are you okay or are you scared? Or, is there resistance? Or is there confusion? And then, your whole work is to reach a point where you are understanding where that is coming from. But, you are also allowing Gods love to show you the way.

So, I think for anyone… whether its mental health issues… whether its abusive issues… man or woman… whether its a deep sense of a lack of self-respect, or self-esteem… If we remain curious to explore who we really are at a deeper level on the inside, life could be amazing. Its like, everything opens up for you and you become even more interested in exploring the world behind your eye. And you are fascinated by all the facets sitting in you… all the experiences that are in you. And you watch the way you respond to people. Whether it is someone who is arguing with you, somebody who is criticizing you, someone who is judging you, someone who is praising you, someone who is loving you… You are observing how you are responding to all of that because it is giving you insight.

Who are you on the inside? Look, people say that when we die that we go to heaven and we go back to God. I dont believe it. I think that when the soul decides that it can no longer stay in the body… If I have a lot of unfinished issues… a lot of hurt… a lot of disappointment… shame… guilt… Attachments… Im coming right back into the Womb to find out what I need to do to figure this out. But if I become filled with Gods love and purity and peace and light, and Ive performed such pure karmas, and Ive given up my life purely to humanity, not asking anything in return, then I would say Im going back to God now. I have the energy. Im done. Im good. See you!

Then I will go up and Ill stay up in the Realm of Gods World and Gods Light for as long as I need to. And because soul cannot be created or destroyed, it will always exist. At some point in time, energy is always changing, then Ill come back down when Im ready to. Just start the journey all over again and love and live and laugh and then go through the whole game again. And I think we have a wonderful opportunity to get used to that idea because it just answers a lot of questions as to why we are going through what we are going through. So, remain curious. Thats my answer.

DONNA: Is that how you stay motivated on a day-to-day basis, to do what you do?

SISTER JENNA: Yeah. Yeah. I love learning from people. I’m learning from this conversation with you. Remember, I paused when I had a moment of an aha. I wasn’t worried what you were going to say in front of an audience or anything.

DONNA: I’m happy to be a part of it. In our last few minutes together, Dr. Sister Jenna, if you were to distill your mission in this lifetime into some little golden nugget, what would that be? What do you wish to accomplish while you are here, now, this time around?

SISTER JENNA: I would love to be an example to teach people to love everyone the same. My life quote is that if we love everyone the same, there would be no conflict because there is no attachment. So, think about it. Visualize it. Because the first thought that comes to people is oh, I wish I could do it but I just can’t love my husband. You know? And I go, love him the same. Love him the same as you would a two-year-old. Your entire relationship will change. So, if I ever find myself swaying from that concept, I see how my internal self gets polluted and I don’t like the way I feel. So sometimes I just imagine myself as a two-year-old loving that person or looking at them as a two-year-old, or as a baby, as they are going through their stuff with me. And I’ll be like, okay, I understand. And then, I see them as that baby and then my love comes back. So, I would recommend to everyone, practice loving everyone the same and your whole life will turn around. Your whole world will change.

DONNA: Beautiful. Is there anything else you would like to say to the world today?

SISTER JENNA: Remember Baba. Just bring God’s energy more into your being. Not a religious God, just God. Just throughout the day. Every hour on the hour. Check in. Just check in with God every hour on the hour. Do your traffic control with Baba. Check it. And just make God’s love and God’s energy a priority in your life. And life will become better.

DONNA: Thank you for that reminder. It was just delightful to spend this time with you Dr. Sister Jenna. I can feel your light and it’s a gift.

SISTER JENNA: Good of you to say. Thank you so much. You know, it’s easy. Living a life of purity is easy. It’s not difficult. It’s living a life with the influence of ALGAE that makes it so hard. And I’m just hoping that everyone will wake up one morning and just make that choice that I want to fly. I want to fly and I want to love humanity and I want humanity to love me. I just want to be happy, pure and generous. So, those are my thoughts.

DONNA: Thank you. Well, with that, I will say goodbye and wish you a beautiful day.

SISTER JENNA: Thank you so much. Om Shanti to you.

DONNA: Om Shanti to you.

SISTER JENNA: Everyone out there just keep taking your light with you.

DONNA: And I wish you all good things on your new mission.

SISTER JENNA: Yeah. The new retreat centers. Om Shanti Village. And the irony is, on Valentine’s Day, I released an album called Om Shanti Tu. And I go, “Why doesn’t Om Shanti leave me alone?” It just keeps carrying me everywhere I go. Thank you for your blessings. We are going to have a Zoom inauguration, so I will definitely send an invite.

DONNA: I’ll look for it. Thank you again, Dr. Sister Jenna.

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