Donna Quesada: A big part of the work that you do is with past life regression as well.

The Soul Needs To Evolve-awaken

Its funny because my father is a scientist and I just adore my parents. I happen to have a good relationship with them. It wasnt always that way, but now I do enjoy their company. And Im grateful that they raised me with a sense of humor, and they were warm and all of these things, but there are fundamental differences between us. First, my spiritual interests are quite a novel thing. They arent inclined in that way. At least not in a way that we identify as such.

Dr. Georgina Cannon: Were you an only child?

DONNA: No, I have one brother younger than me. And my father is a scientist. You know, you kind of know what you can talk about with people and what you dont talk about with people. I talk about the academic things with him. So, I told him that I had an interview in the morning and told them about you a little bit. The past life regression stuff… I kind of knew not to go too far with that because I knew it would be so outside his universe. And I imagine that is true for a lot of people and maybe in your life, you encounter that? How do you make it conceivable? I guess my question is two-part. How do you make it less weird and how does it work as a helpful tool for us, in working through trauma?

GEORGINA: What I say… And when I first started, the media was all over me with it. I say, “it really doesnt matter if its real or imagined. Its a metaphor that your mind is giving you because it gives you answers and understanding.” Thats the roll of it. We live in patterns, so lets find out some of the patterns that you brought in with you, either through your DNA… We are quite prepared to accept that. Isnt that interesting? Either through your DNA, or your soul, and see what the patterns are and see if they serve you well in this life and if they do, then great, and if they dont, then lets change them. Thats the point of it. Its patterns. What ever you want to call it… “Past life or metaphor.” It doesnt matter. Use that tool to help you live a more fulfilling, happy life. So that makes it very non-confrontational.

DONNA: Do you think… You mentioned DNA. Do you think that our willingness to accept DNA is ironic? Is it just as much of a leap to accept something like that?

GEORGINA: Listen. Everything is made up. Everything is made up. We call it “DNA.” We don’t know really know what it is. Scientists will say they know because scientists have the question to ask today about what they are researching today. But we dont know about ten yearstime.

DONNA: And we are constantly rewriting and saying “that wasnt quite right, we have a better understanding now.” So, this is to all of the scientists, like my father, out there.

GEORGINA: What sort of scientist was he?

DONNA: Hes an engineer. GPS systems.

GEORGINA: (Laughs) So tell him that its just another route. Another route to find out that persons truth, the way they perceive it. And that narrows… their truth, the way they perceive it at this time… how it can help them.

DONNA: Have you encountered any stories that absolutely blew your mind about past life regression?

GEORGINA: Oh, many. Many, many. I still havent been able to come to terms with it. When I was doing this CBC show, they brought in 33 people, of which 10 they could verify with researchers. Addresses, dates, names, everything. Of the others that they couldnt verify, they went back even further, so they could verify. There was no way of verifying one of them. She became a healer. A woman who lived in a beautiful cave outside of a village or city in those days, and I cant remember now. It was either Ancient Greece or Egypt. I cant remember. But she talked about how she was dressed in silks and people would come to her for healing. And I thought she was going to use herbs or something. I said, “How do you heal?” And she looked at me and her eyes were closed and she said, “By my voice, of course.” Like, are you stupid or something? And I said, “Like how?” And she opened her mouth and out came this sound that Ive never heard before. It was sort of a growl and a song. And the camera guy went (Strange expression). We were all so shocked. And I said, “Oh, thank you.” It wasnt a sound that we know… not a sound we use these days or as far back as recorded. It was extraordinary.

DONNA: Fascinating. And so, this investigation into the past lives happens under a state of hypnosis?

GEORGINA: Yes. Yes. It depends on the person. They dont have to be that deep. They can be just level one or two. And they can go anywhere. I have people that go to other planets. Ive had people that become animals. Its all okay. Its all the soul taking them where they need to be.

DONNA: And so, from that experience, we find answers to why we do what we do, or perhaps what we are supposed to be doing, instead of what we are doing?

GEORGINA: We see patterns. We gain understandings. So, for instance. The one that I talk about a fair amount because it was such a shock… My friend, who is a naturopathic doctor… Hes very exact in everything he does. He wanted to do a past life. We had a pretty ordinary first life. And then second life.

My first question was, “What are you wearing on your feet?” And he said, “I don’t have any feet.” I thought, “Oh great.” So, I said, “Where are you?” He said, “I don’t know, but Im really hungry.” Anyway, it turns out he was a snake. And the reason… The soul told him, when we did the death scene and all the processing, that he had to learn to shed a skin before he could change. He had to learn to make a point of getting rid of what he already had, to move to the new.

DONNA: Isnt that phenomenal. Wow. It takes you where it thinks you need to go.  Also, as a metaphor for what we are doing.

GEORGINA: Thats right. Knowing him… If he had just gone to an ordinary life where that lesson was given, he would have shrugged it off. But because that was so profound… I have clients coming in and saying things like “I want to do past life because I want to find out why I always choose the wrong partner. Why do I always choose losers? How come I cant find the right person?” And I say to them, “Its not necessarily past life. We need to look at some of your patterns in this life.”

But on the other hand, if we do go into a past life, it might not show why they choose the wrong person. It might be why they choose to be alone. So, the soul takes you where it thinks you need to go. We can ask. Sometimes it will work, like one time they asked “why am I the only musician in the family?” And it may take you there, or it may not.

DONNA: And why do we come back around? Is it karma?

GEORGINA: That is a whole other thing, karma. Why do we come back around? Because the soul needs to evolve. The soul needs to move up the ladder, so to speak. Our spark gets closer and closer to the light of God, or creation. Ive just done a whole thing on Karma, and I believe that you can change karma.

DONNA: A lot of people mistake karma and think in western terms that it is something like punishment, but that is not what it is, is it?

GEORGINA: Its a lesson. And if you have lived three or four lives as victim and you come into this life as a victim again… If you dont recognize it and do something about it, then you will have to come back until you get it right. Lessons. Its information that you use.

DONNA: And so, we come back around because we havent got it right. Why dont we get it right? Are we distracted? Are we lazy?

GEORGINA: All of the above. Patterning. Its like a fish in water, we dont know we are in water ‘till we are taken out of it. So, thats why when Im seeing a client for the first time, I spend maybe an hour with them finding about their life. Their view of their world. How they perceive the impact that they have on the world. If they perceive any at all. A lot of people dont, interestingly enough. And then we go from there because you cant change anything until you recognize it. So, if they recognize what the problem is, then its not out here, its how I interact with whats out here. So, you have to own yourself.

DONNA: And what is The Council?

GEORGINA: The council is a group of wise elders in the interline. Loving, accepting, wise beyond our imagination. Beyond our dreaming. Wise avatars and beyond. Who we visit in the interline…

DONNA: Which is that space and time between lives…

GEORGINA: And we go to them with questions, if we have them. And they give us wisdom. Or they may just say that you are doing the right thing. You might want to ease up on your sister. You might want to… something. But all very gentle. All very kind. All very insightful.

DONNA: Do we all have these kinds of guardian angels?

GEORGINA: Oh, yes. I also believe… not many other people do, but I believe in the work we do that we can call on our ancestorswisdom. I strongly believe, like aboriginal tribes believe, that women through the generations, pass down wisdom. And we can call on that. I believe we can go deep inside ourselves and get our ego out of the way and call on… I just go a funny feeling when I said that. Sorry. Call on the innate wisdom that is usually so simple because part of us knew it any way, and use it. And we dont use that enough.

DONNA: Ive always been fascinated with angels. And again, its something that you cant really share with everyone and so I love to hear you say it.

GEORGINA: The angels are there and your guardian angel… usually one or two is there. They wont interfere unless you ask. So much love and kindness available to us if we knew how to tap into it. And of course, we dont use it when we really need it. People who are really going through tough times right now… If they asked their guardian angel to be there for them. They would suddenly feel loved. They would feel nurtured. They would feel as though they matter. Because when you lose your job or you lose your beloved because of Covid, or whatever… You feel lost and there is nowhere to go. You are sort of in a circle that goes down. If you can bring yourself out of that for even a short time and connect with your guardian angel for them to be there for you. You will suddenly feel… I wont say an embrace. You will feel a nurturing.

DONNA: Like an embrace. Like an energetic, peaceful, calming presence.

GEORGINA: Thats it. You are not alone. You are being cared for. Im not going to give you the answers, but I can take care of you and you will be fine.

DONNA: In these last few minutes together, Georgina, what would you tell the 20-year-old version of yourself? Having worked with these tools for so many years. How has it shaped your own life, also?

GEORGINA: My 20-year-old self… I would say, “Believe that you have everything you need. And if there are gaps that you feel, then find them and use them. You can become anything you choose to become, except maybe an astronaut, which I always wanted to become. You can become the person that you want to become. You have anything you need, to become the person that you want to become. You have your health. You have your brain. You have the ability to laugh. You have the ability to care. You have everything you need to become the person you want to become.

DONNA: You have everything you need. Youngsters are always striving, trying to get who knows what.

GEORGINA: Well, they desperately want to belong to that club. Whatever that club is, right? To look like, behave like, or be the rebel against that. One or the other.

DONNA: Gosh, I could talk to you all day. You mentioned wanting to be an astronaut. It seems like there is always this path not taken.

GEORGINA: Yes. (Laughs). Well, I didnt have the education to get there, but Ive always looked to the skies. Ive always longed to be there.

DONNA: I always wanted to be a singer. That was my path not taken.

GEORGINA: You sing?

DONNA: I do sing. But I dont have what it takes to be a singer. I dont think…. Who knows? It was a path not taken.

GEORGINA: Okay. Because your speaking voice is lovely.

DONNA: Is there anything I didnt ask that you would like to share with our listeners today?

GEORGINA: Yes. Remember… It doesnt matter how dark it gets. Or how bright or light it gets. Remember, you have choice. Choice in what you choose to do and how you choose to live. You always have choice. And although people tell you to love yourself… I think that is fine, but Id rather use the word respect. I want you to respect yourself. Respect the body you have been given. The soul that you have and the world around you.

DONNA: That is so important because this idea of self-love has become popular in spiritual teachings as of late. And you have just made it more concrete. What does that really mean? It means respect.

GEORGINA: Yeah. People say “I love myself. I have bubble baths…” Thats not it. Thats why I like respect better. If you respect yourself then you allow yourself to make mistakes. You allow yourself to slip up. You allow yourself to keep learning. You allow yourself to be who you are, in the true sense of the word. You just allow. And that doesnt mean that you are self-indulgent. Because you are not self-indulgent if you have respect.

DONNA: You are honoring yourself. And honoring your growth.

GEORGINA: Thats right.

DONNA: And mistakes are part of that.

GEORGINA: Thats right. Its very different.

DONNA: Thank you for that. Thank you. Well, Im honoring our hour together, so with that, Ill thank you for your time and I just have to tell you how much I personally enjoyed spending this time with you.

GEORGINA: This has been lovely. Just lovely.