by Doreen Virtue: Gut feelings are a superb guiding force…


They tell us the best routes to take in every aspect of our lives. We’ve probably all had instances where we regretted ignoring a gut feeling about a job or a relationship. Conversely, we’ve probably obeyed an illogical intuitive impulse—and were very glad that we did.

Intuition in the form of gut feelings also tells you when to make changes in your life. Your gut may urge you to return to college, read a particular book, change careers, leave a relationship, call a certain person, or take up a new hobby. When I was fat and depressed, I felt I wasn’t making a contribution to the world. My gut directed me to take psychology classes and to write books and magazine articles about my life’s ups and downs. My intuition’s directives initially intimidated me, and I would overeat gallons of ice cream to try to silence its ceaseless “change your life, change your life” chants. The ice cream would momentarily ease my existential discomfort. But this satiation never lasted long, and soon I would face my gut’s incessant pressures to make my life healthier and more meaningful.

Finally, I gave up fighting my gut feelings. I enrolled at a local community college and immediately felt relief as my life clicked into focus. My appetite, especially for ice cream, lessened, and my weight started to drop off almost without my notice. I began writing and submitting articles to magazines. Although they were all rejected, I felt elated that I was following my inner guidance. This energy carried me through 12 years of college and propelled me to keep writing until I eventually had many books and articles successfully published.

I’d been afraid to follow my gut feelings. It was easier to not even try to work on my inner dreams than face the pain of possible failure, rejection, and ridicule. Housework and eating were my escape into a safe world where I couldn’t fail. Even though my gut feelings gave me a clear picture of my dream life, I couldn’t imagine how I could ever attain the life I imagined. Now I know that our gut gives us directives on how to fulfill our dreams just one or two steps at a time. Like a correspondence school, once we complete those steps, we are given the next set of assignments. Our task isn’t to look at the end picture. It’s to follow our gut feelings’ directives on a gradual basis.

Just as I have a life purpose, so do you. You already know, deep down, what your life purpose is. If you’re unaware of what it is, it’s because fears keep you from acknowledging your intuitive voice. Almost all of my clients initially came to me because their eating felt out of control. Underneath their voracious appetite was a volcano of fear and anxiety, and most of this stemmed from an unfulfilled life purpose. Just as I once did, my clients buried their gut feelings—that rich source of information about their life purpose—under mountains of food, alcohol, or addictive relationships. These behaviors are the equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and saying to your gut, “I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!”

Healing from the Yo-Yo Diet Syndrome involves so much more than the foods you eat or what size clothes you can wear. It involves reconnecting and forming a trusting partnership with your gut feelings.

As you follow your intuitive voice, you’ll be fully guided to improve many aspects of your life. Some of that guidance may frighten you and require blind faith on your part. Afterward, you’ll be rewarded with improved relationships, finances, and health; a sense of meaningful purpose; and the sure knowledge that you made a positive difference in the world. The more experiences of this type that you have, the easier it will be for you to unquestioningly follow your gut.

Source: Heal Your Life