Today, Dr. Valerie Hunt:  is actively involved in research that is uncovering the various dimensions involved in the bioenergetic transactions between humans and the environment

as they relate to human behaviors, emotions, health, illness, and disease, as well as scientifically quantifying the human aura and the levels of consciousness it contains.


You’ve just explained why not all therapies work for all people.

Yes, but we’re going to see that certain therapies have to do primarily with the therapists, plus the energy, which is transmissive. We will be testing all of the techniques, and the kinds of fields, and how they respond, so that we will be able to not only diagnose and prescribe the technique that is needed, but also be able to determine which healer will be most effective with each person. And we will do this using the AuraMeter to record their field, and bring it out in fractal images.

We can also display the pattern of disease in fractal images so that even doctors who don’t have a background in this area will be able to make a more effective diagnosis, including for conditions where the etiology is unknown. We will have the signature pattern of the major diseases. It is going to take me a while to do this, but eventually I will have the signatures for Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and so forth, all of the diseases that kill the most people or cause the most serious disturbances. We’ll have those patterns and the signature of the person and eventually we’ll be able to show that, if we change the person’s signature or electromyographic pattern, we can expect a cure. The disease or dysfunction will go away. This is the future of medicine. When a patient comes in to see his doctor, the first thing that will be done is to record his individual signature. All diagnosis and treatment will start from there. We have to have the energy field of the person. We have to have the energy field of the disease or illness. We have to have the energy field of the energy which is being introduced, and then we have to have the energy field of the therapist, because the therapist is the part of the transaction.

I have recorded the signatures of healers who have healed pain. They have a particular frequency spectrum in their signature. They can walk in a room and merely by their presence they can stop pain. I have others that, if they come into the room, they’re going to create the pain with their frequency. So, when we come into the ideal alternative medicine hospital every single person in that room who treats people is going to have to have his field checked.

Spiritual healing is another area I will be researching in more detail. It’s been stated that if you pray over a person, they tend to get better. This is an oversimplification. It depends on who prays and from what level, or frequency, they pray. I’ve recorded people who pray and pray and pray, but they are praying from such a low level that nothing happens. They don’t have the amplitude and the necessary frequency to bring in the spiritual healing energy, which is unconditional love. Unconditional love is coherency with great power. If you don’t have coherency, you can talk about unconditional love, but you don’t really know what it is.

What role does a person’s intention play in influencing the field?

Practically every technique now says we use the power of the mind in addition to whatever energy we introduce, in order to focus the energy and make it opportune. I do know that we can introduce energy and it just goes through the body and doesn’t really do anything, but if we consciously intend and we focus it, we can do amazing things.

Years ago, while working on my doctorate degree at Columbia University, I needed to earn some money so I taught a course on cadaver anatomy to doctors, nurses, and therapists. During the course I breathed in formaldehyde and it settled into my tissue. I had formaldehyde poisoning and required a series of chelation treatments to detoxify my blood. This resolved most of my symptoms. Years later, I went to see my internist, who told me I still had some toxicity but that he didn’t have anything more to offer me. Later, I had a conversation with some young biochemists I know, who are very creative, and they told me they had discovered that these deep-seated poisonings affect the DNA itself. It’s not stored just the cellular tissue, it’s stored in the DNA of the cells. But when I asked what I could do about it, they said they didn’t have anything they could offer me. So I decided to treat it using my intention. For three days, I focused on removing the toxic condition of my cells’ DNA, and you know what? I removed it.

Now intention has many levels. Some people have very weak intention. But people who have command over their human consciousness can focus a tremendous amount of energy to do things. So when we talk about intention we have to talk about the consciousness of the person. Some people can’t focus their intention; they go to sleep. Other people focus weakly. And for some people the focus is, God will take care of it. But other people have a powerful focus that can influence their cells and organs, expand their emotions, and so forth.

Why do individuals respond differently to specific energy treatments?

One of the main principles behind this is the fact that the energy we like is the energy we’ve got, because it doesn’t stress us. It’s easy for us to have a transaction with it. We just slip into it. Many people who, for example, have very high vibrations and no power, do not like to experience low vibrations with power. It’s just too big a shock for them. They don’t like baseball games and screaming, for example; they prefer to go to the symphony, because this is compatible with them. It has to do with how they have organized their energy field, and how the body can transact comfortably without being stressed to change. Ideal energy field treatment requires this transaction, but if the voltage is too high, without a rise and fall of amplitude, it creates a shock and the body response is one of reaction. Generally, we prefer the energy field patterns that constitute our signature; these feel comfortable but can be less effective. Still, there should be a more gentle and more consistent way of introducing change, which is not a shock reaction.

Some people are tremendously susceptible or sensitive to sound, for instance. Even as little kids, sound was very important for them. If we’ve been in a family in which music has been played throughout our life, music will be the one that will open us up the fastest. We can take the same frequencies of sound that we take in light and introduce them that way. Other people are terribly sensitive to color, so we can introduce the energy field by way of the color spectrum, in a form with which their sensory system is compatible. Other people are best treated using imagery or meditation techniques geared toward providing them with emotional insights, because emotions organize the energy fields. The effectiveness of the treatment has to do with the kind of stimulation that a person can pay attention to.

Now there is one thing more that I want to say something about this, and that has to do with the person’s consciousness. I have been finding that a person’s frequency spectrum and power determines his level of consciousness and how he processes information. There are people who have got a lot of very low frequencies and a lot of the power, and they process information directly through profound physical energy without getting overwhelmed. Other people process the energy rationally. They are the great problem solvers on a material level, and are the people who write about solving problems. They take this energy into the realistic form and they remove the problem realistically. Then there are those individuals who come from a very high level. They take the energy into the spiritual. I have found that when people reach a frequency level of around 250,000 cycles per second, they will have a spiritual experience. I don’t care whether they are an atheist, an agnostic, or a Catholic or a Buddhist. The form of it may be different, but the nature of it is the same. It is expanded beyond ordinary reality. It is profound. It is full of light and that is a spiritual experience. For these people, when problems come in, they take them to the Lord, or into the Divine. And for some things that is the best way to handle them. Shipwrecked people who survive in the water for a long time can be an example of this. They couldn’t physically handle it, and they couldn’t rationally figure out how they were going to get out of that ocean when there was nobody there. Instead, they went into a spiritual level. At that level you lower your metabolism so low and you make everything so refined that you can live with less oxygen and nourishment, and even with extreme cold. So if you have a specific proclivity in your electromagnetic field, this will determine your primary focus. And if you a not bound by a certain proclivity, then you can make the choice of the best one to use, and if one doesn’t work, you’ve got another.

Based on the growing body of research regarding consciousness, it would seem to me that a person’s proclivities not only determine how he processes energy and information, but also determines the types of experiences and challenges he encounters. Which leads me to what you call a person’s “lifehoods.” What do you mean by that term?

The word “lifehoods” is not just a term I coined for the old ideas about past lives. Past lives emphasize the physical existence of a life, a time-space construct. Lifehoods emphasize the soul itself, which is part of the field, exists now, and has no time reference. As Stephen Hawking as pointed out, laws of science do not distinguish between past, present, and future. Neither do higher states of consciousness. There is neither soul-time nor soul-space, and since the soul is never destroyed, information from lifehoods is always a part of each new life, or incarnation.

As a hardcore scientist, this was the hardest thing for me to understand, until my own lifehood started coming through with information that I had no way of ever knowing otherwise. Of course, some people say, “Well, I don’t believe in that,” but whether or you believe in it or not, it’s a fact, and more and more information is coming out that verifies that the soul has existed before this lifetime. And each time the soul comes into this life, it brings through its experiences. Lifehood information can either help or hinder our evolution, but in each new life this information powerfully influences the development of our selfhood and behaviors. In addition, these memories are the true psychological source and deepest director of human life. It is as if the soul is saying, I’ve got to solve this and therefore I’m going to have these experiences.

When a person reexperiences a lifehood, the past and the present are now, and it is not a historical event. Likewise, as people go up in consciousness and vibration to the levels in the field where recalls occur, there is no time but the present time. I believe that as man evolves rapidly in the future, the concept of lifehoods will become a dominant, new philosophical idea, one which is important because it views human emotions, spirituality, and the body in a way that focuses holistically on human empowerment. My work in this regard focuses primarily upon the spiritual aspects of lifehoods, which I find to be the ultimate source of a person’s problems in this lifehood, especially the emotions connected with other lifehoods which are the barriers to progress. When I open people’s fields there is a dramatic increase in the frequency and quantity of the field, and not only do they get better, they evolve.

This is different from what is known as past life regression, which based upon the person regressing backwards in time. The person doesn’t have to regress at all. In their field the memory is right there. All you have to do is expand their consciousness, which can be done by the use of energy frequencies, and it’s there. Once their conscious expands, they can take the information and they can put it consciously in the human mind so that they can do something with it. This is one of the great frontiers of human consciousness. I think it’s probably one of the most important, although it’s beyond where most people are ready to go.

What other areas of research are you involved in?

New frontiers of research concerning participation. What I mean by participation is that I’m not wanting to do things for people, I’m wanting people to do things to and for themselves. It’s fine to have a healer, but unless you can take the energy in the field and heal yourself, you’ve got to go see the healer. It’s an on and off deal. I want it to be an “on deal,” so that’s why I want the individual’s participation.

I have created what I call “Mind Mastery Meditations,” which are self-help healing procedures. These teach people how to move energy into their own field, and can be applied to broad categories of illness, and help them in their personal evolution.

I will also be developing subliminal energy tapes with focused instruction. I’ve already developed a series of music and sound tapes, which are the world’s first authentic auric field sounds harmonically correlated with music. What I’ve done is taken the various electromagnetic frequencies of the field and combined these with the music that matches each frequency. The red, orange, amber frequency spectrum, for example, goes with contemporary African music with a strong beat, and can be used to revitalize the physical body and activate spontaneous emotions. The yellow, green, and gold frequency is a waltz wave. When you listen to it, it fine tunes sensation and perception, improves the efficiency of the nervous system, and creatively activates the mind. Then you have the blue, violet, and mauve spectrum, which correlates to the great classical music repertory, and encourages a contemplative state of peace, tranquility, and higher consciousness. Then we come into the white and gold spectrum, which correlates to spiritual a cappella choral singing, and elevates thoughts and emotions to a broader worldview of richer beauty and deeper wisdom. Or you can listen to the Rainbow tape, which progresses through all the frequencies to stabilize the field and encourage expanded awareness. The tapes work directly on the amplitude of the human body.

Now the subliminal tapes I’ll be doing will not only focus on a specific problem, but also the frequency necessary to heal it. Diabetes, for example, is a problem related to not enough of the red frequency in the field. I’ve cured diabetes by changing the person’s field, bringing in the red, and guiding them back to where they dispense with their anger and hostility. These tapes will include the sounds of the necessary frequencies with instructions we will record and make subliminal, and they will directly interact with the electromagnetic field of the human aura.

Another area of my research has to do with bioscalar waves.

Which are … ?

The human auric field is composed of electromagnetic frequencies which pass through the body as waves of energy. But there is also a form of electromagnetism that is organized differently. It is not a wave, but is changed to a standing energy. In physics, this is known as a scalar wave, and when it exists in the body, I call it a bioscalar wave. If energy is introduced on a straight line from two energy sources of the same frequency at the same time, coming toward each other to meet in the middle of a mobius coil, the frequencies get cancelled out and it becomes standing energy. This energy doesn’t flow like a wave, but it does occupy space and can increase in spatial mass. When the space it occupies is sufficient, the energy expands outward in circles of energy, directly influencing the blood and the body’s lymphatic system. As you know, red and white blood cells tend to clump together when there is illness or injury. According to research conducted at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, scalar energy reverses this — it “unsticks” the cells and circulation and lymphatic flow improves, hastening healing.

I believe the creation of the bioscalar wave is the essential electromagnetic phenomenon of all healing procedures, and I’ve discovered that each of us can be the generator for that. We can create a standing energy. We can imagine bringing in a particular frequency or a particular color of energy through a straight line through our body from our hands reaching out to the sides. We can bring that energy in to the middle of our body, and that’s the mobius coil from which the energy spirals upward. You can do amazing with this process. We have found that all medical conditions are improved or eliminated by bioscalar activation, although in some situations the results can take weeks or months to occur. But the direction is always positive as the body establishes new energy field patterns that are self-healing.

What do you foresee occurring in the health field as your work begins to reach a broader audience?

A new model. As I said, the model I am after is a new model of the human being based on health, consciousness, and evolution.

Currently, there are three models that define our belief systems. The first is the physiological model, which has to do with how we treat disease. We treat disease symptoms because we do not know what health is; we accept as fact that health is the absence of disease. Second is the biochemical model, which says that life started from a chemical soup and then progressed to protozoa and so forth. This isn’t so. You can have all the chemistry in the world, but if there is no electricity, no power, and no charge, there is no life. In the medicine of the future, the emphasis on biochemistry will be phased out.

Then there is the behavioral model, which has to do with perception, experience, ego, personality, emotion, and brain hemispheres, and only addresses a very small part of human behavior, and only the memories and experiences of this current lifehood.

These models are not incorrect, but they are incomplete and cannot explain all of our choices, actions, and perceptions. We need a new model rather than trying to fit ourselves into models that do not encompass all we are. This is the model of the human energy field or the mind of man, a field of energy that incorporates all behaviors, even to the highest level — the level of the soul. The soul is the apex of the field; it holds the memory of everything that has ever occurred to it, including other lifehoods, and is also the source of intuition, insight, and creativity, and the source of mystical experiences. I talked about energy field levels of consciousness. All of us are electromagnetically wired for divine experiences. It’s not a case of these being something foreign to us; when we reach a certain frequency level, we will have a spiritual experience, and spiritual enlightenment is our evolutionary goal. Acknowledging our field and learning how to activate it is a way of achieving that, creating health and healing disease in the process.

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