by Guru Singh:  Value is what you must live ‘as’ in each moment; it’s called presence


— it’s not what you live for. Storing value for the future moments must never replace the valued presence you receive from everything present in this moment. Your greatest task in life is to maximize this value of your presence. Yoga does this by coordinating your movement, with your breathing, with your speaking — all into a united team . . . asanas, pranayams and mantras all as one. This is what is capable of receiving the greatest value out of your presence . . . health and wealth.

With this united-union (original meaning of the word yoga), you engage your brain into a lucid, theta state; your body becomes at ease with effortless efforts, and your emotions are transformed into devotions. This manifests — this is true yoga — the total union between all of your parts . . . being one with everything and unconditionally connected.

When you’re in this higher state, and any “sh*t” gets dumped on you, it becomes fertilizer for the seeds of your ideas. At the very least, you think bright thoughts; have a moment of forgiveness; you use words like inspiration and innovation, which lead to actually living in brighter terms. Sounds idealistic, but yogis have practiced and perfected this for thousands of years. They were the first ones to evolve past the pursuit of instinctual revenge and into this idealism . . . they found it works.

Our prayer is that you make it a priority each day to find the fertilizer in your nasty moments; plant seeds with your presence; act in a lucid state of ease and effortless effort, and remain united with the true value of your ideals and your ideas.

Guru Singh is a 3rd-generation yogi, master spiritual teacher, author & musician who teaches conscious living through Kundalini & Humanology.

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