In Celestial Communication, emotions are energy-in-motion expressed through the instrument of the body.

Adarsh-Laur-2-awakenThis is a place where anger, disappointment, sadness, grief, joy, contentment, fear, overwhelm, helplessness, loneliness, love, connection, power, playfulness, hope and creativity are all embraced.

In my own life, I learned very young that I needed to express myself; to move the big energy I was feeling through singing, dancing, acting and writing.

Emotions are fluid, and we learn to embrace them in the practice of Celestial Communication. Expressing more challenging emotions opens the way for all of the emotions. As Khalil Gibran writes: “Your joy is your sorrow unmasked…The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.”

When I am feeling stuck, overwhelmed, fearful, discouraged, or sad; I bring my emotion with me to the sacred sound. I listen to it, and feel it. I let the music run through me like a river of vibration.

As I begin to move and express from the listening space, I hear what the emotion is. It moves through me, along with the mantra or sacred words, and through this alchemy something new emerges. As I create with the sound, the movement becomes the medicine for my pain.

Through my own creativity, I heal myself. The energy of fear is transmuted into courage. Where there was sorrow, I now also experience joy. Where there was separation, I now realize there is connection too.

I feel the Infinite Being flowing through the sound, supporting me to discover the fullness of the experience of life, and the spark of the divine flowing through all living things.

Each of these songs with their Celestial Communication become a healing medicine for me. My intense and powerful emotions become a healing balm. And then I share.

“The cure for the pain is in the pain.” ~ Rumi

Celestial Communication is a moving upper body meditation, particularly with the movements of the hands and arms. This is a musical meditation, meditating along with the words and sounds of mantras, sacred text and poetry. Celestial Communication only utilizes the upper body so that it emphasizes the connection to your heart, throat (5th chakra creative center), third eye and intuition, crown connection to the infinite, and expansive aura.

The origin of Celestial Communication is in listening from your soul and entire being to sacred sound. And from that space of listening and feeling a connection to your soul, the movement comes. Emotions come and flow through you as an expression of the sensations in the sound, and it plays through the strings of your body and the chords of your soul. With Celestial Communication, you can tell a story that is difficult to put into words: the significance of a mantra that may become diluted in translation, the pause and stillness between the movements, the living, breathing, feeling of the sound coming to life through the body.


About Adarsh Kaur:
Teacher, Creator & Mentor of Celestial Communication, Yoga, Breath-work, Meditation & Mantra.
Adarsh’s first loves were music and dance, which she studied from the age of three. These were her most original expressions of the divine, of creativity and a way to connect to the soul. In 1999, she expanded into a dedicated study of yoga, meditation, human consciousness and healing. Adarsh soon became a Kundalini Yoga teacher, and a creator and teacher of Celestial Communication, for which she is most known. She shares these practices with an emphasis on self-love, receptivity and grace, in her hometown of Los Angeles and internationally.

Adarsh has a B.A. in Anthropology and English, and she has worked in business as a Human Resources Manager, Marketing and Sales Director, and as the CEO and Director of a Yoga Studio. She is a Trainer of teachers in Kundalini Yoga & meditation, and has created a course for Celestial Communication called Movements of Grace. Adarsh serves the evolution of individuals through one on one Spiritual Mentorship. She feels a sacred duty to share her experience and knowledge to support others in their own spiritual quest.

Source: AWAKEN