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How To Be A Good Ancestor of the Future, 11:11:22 Numerology & 11.11 Unified New Earth Summits

by Rev. Devi Grace & the Divine Union AcademySeeing the numbers dance once in a lifetime 11.11.22 ~ 22.22:

Unified New Earth Summits-awakenThis date is a mirror figure with great power that can open significant energy for the fulfillment of desires.

This November 11th we see a twin twenty-two mirrored to us in our numerical digits – as 11 plus 11 is a 22 in this year of 2022. The numeric code 22 is one of three very important double-digit numbers in Numerology: the Master Numbers. 11, 22, and 33 are the only Master Numbers. These codices carry powerful energy to our visual meaning for these symbols are meant to connect us to the spiritual plane and help us find purpose in our existence. Known in sacred numerology as the “Master Builder,” the number 22 signifies cosmic wisdom coming down to Earth, and uses it to turn incredible dreams and creative insights into physical reality.

Releasing Ancestral Spirits & Genetic Path Cutting:

We just celebrated many of our Autumn Ancestral Festivals around the world that are rich with multi-cultural diversity, and now it’s a perfect and opportune time to cross a significant purification threshold to cleanse the collective genetic records for our entire world soul. Prenatal and perinatal psychology is well aware of just how many layers of cellular memory can be passed down from one generation to the next, and cumulative master number circuits can signal to our subconscious or unconscious body-mind that it’s time to drop old baggage.

In quantum psychology we also know that negative spiritual influences can be attached to our energetic body through imprinted mental, emotional or spiritual conflicts from past, present and future lifetimes. “These can be Ancestral Spirits or Familiar Spirits that can attach to our body, facets or spiritual parts. When these ancestors left their body, they were not spiritually freed and thus cling to your body waiting to be released, cleared and healed from their aggregated pain. Sometimes these ancestral “cling=ons’ or familiar spirits are connected to organs and enmeshed with spiritual body parts. This is what ‘mismatched body parts’ may mean in the process of clearing the bio-spiritual body.” (Reference: Energetic Synthesis)

During the cycle of Awakening, many of us are here to finalize, complete and end these imbalanced energetic cycles and their negative influences upon our genetic history, DNA/RNA record, akashic recycling, or the patterns recorded in the family line of origin. As we commit to making progress with personal trans-generational clearing, our detoxification efforts will extend to cities, nations, tribes, and global grid work for the entire human species. This means many of us have the dharmic purpose to clear unresolved conflicts and spiritual issues of our patriarchal, matriarchal and ancestral bloodlines and timelines in the morphogenetic field. The deep purging process of healing one’s Ancestral DNA/RNA is called Genetic Path-Cutting, and is the main spiritual mission of many divergent way-showers and pathfinders. Many real “mutants” or mistaken Zygotes according to Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés (author of Women Who Run With the Wolves) incarnated purposely into different soul groups – referred to as the “Veiled Parent” or unconscious family lines. Therefore, in the early stages of embodied awakening, all of us must address and transmute ancestral issues (whether we’re cognizant of this fact or not.)

Family Line issues are inherited in our systemic morphic resonance or “M-Fields” according to Dr. Rupert Sheldrake by the laws of nature, and these genetic circuits will manifest as specific archetypes and patterns throughout our life echoes and experiences. When we are unaware of these natural bleed-throughs, we will repeat these same programs many time verbatim – as they are directly inherited collective behavioral or karmic imprints.  People are often shocked to uncover that these same repetitive patterns were present in relatives that they may have never even known existed (until much later in life.)

In the process of releasing both your family and body lines or circuitry, people feel urges to look up ancestral history/herstory and come to discover many similar pathways they share in the family, years after that ancestor has crossed over. This is what is meant by the biblical quote; “It is unfortunate that in most cases when the sins of the father fall on the son.”  This is a patriarchal verse yet there is much wisdom and truth in this statement. Until we courageously choose to become conscious beings, we are destined to recycle the same behaviors, patterns, and play out the same repetitive archetypes of our ancestral database. To recode our collective “Book of Life” we must bravely heal our past Ancestral Family Tree of Life.

Peeling away the ingrained behaviors and hidden patterns of our birth, and family of origin, will illuminate us in uncovering what our soul purpose blueprint and spiritual transfiguration responsibility actually is. In our pre-birth planning meetings we select our family of origin for many strategic reasons, and one of the primary reasons is to cleanse the ancestral bloodline that we embody, through the cumulative biological records we carry. Many cosmic hearts chose extremely challenging family systems to incarnate into during this momentous phase of planetary metamorphosis.  We genuinely understood our predetermined responsibility to heal or zero point these “Family Line” habituations, and that the multi-dimensional support to complete the “System Busting” assignment would be uniquely provided for us.

By the Power of Quadruple Seven:

As a result of this grid line individuation, many of us struggle from an energetic orphan complex, at various stages of our bio-mapping and multi-level ancestry healing process. Thus, when we consciously participate and inquire on this process, we can make miraculous healing available not only to ourselves, but to our extended family of origin as well as throughout the planetary electro-magnetic Ley Lines in our Earth. This is the secret of the master number code of 7-7-7-7. Seven generations are impacted in the past and future and parallel and quantum timelines, simultaneously, when the bio-spiritual vehicle consciously participates with emptying out these outdated and unsustainable archetypes of duality.

In the true sacred space of “quadrality” – as highlighted by Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs, PhD of Oracle Girl – your sovereign self is initiated into a direct absorption of love through our new coherent earth grids. This pivotal rewiring is to heal, repair, de-scramble, regenerate, and purify past, parallel, future, hyper and quantum timelines, from the now epicenter or core embodiment of your pure being or Source Connection. Furthermore, this is the secret to remembering our personal set of instructions from the planet’s bio-magic with your own integrated (body-mind-spirit) frequency alignment. In fact, many old systems of power over are quite desperate to hide this Freedom Code from humanity, yet you needn’t be deterred from claiming your own soul’s sovereignty!

If you feel inspired by this empowering call to action we invite you to join us for The Ancestors Within Summit with myself as well as 100 other authors in all four books of the Ancestors Within Series. Our global theme is 101 Voices & Perspectives of Ancestral Connection, and you can sign up for our FREE on-line SUMMIT with more than one hundred and one podcast interviews (audio and video) here:

* Live Events: Day 5 Master Panel – “How To Be a Good Ancestor of the Future”
* Bonus: is Friday, 11/11/22
* Who:  Nov 11th starts off with the ever-amazing Ahriana Platten, Devi Gayatri-Samavesha Grace, Tatiana Riabokin, and Katie Jo Sutton teaching us about “Becoming a great ancestor of the future!”
* Website Offerings: You’ll have access to hundreds of specials, opt-ins, free on-line courses, holiday gifts specials and courses from now through 2023 when you register.
There’s quite the movement rumbling up from the ancients below us who genuinely know the many archives that we carry at our foundational medicine wheel core, and so if you are ready to take the bull by the horns and “Carpe Diem” on this auspicious gateway, you are invited to step up into SEEDING OUR NEW EARTH. The 11.11 Unified Virtual On-Line Summit is uniting thought leaders to regenerate our planet and make a positive impact on humanity as we internationally steward our New Earth for our shared evolution!
* Did you know that we may have only 60 years left before our soils are so depleted we cannot produce another harvest?
* ALL of our land masses can become a dry Desert upon Gaia.
* This is NOT acceptable. What can we do to avoid this travesty?
* We invite YOU to take a stand with us, to co-create our New Earth! 🌎

==> We welcome you to visit one of our November 11th Friday night’s presentations on my Divine Union Foundation’s Facebook EVENT PAGE @


Also, if you’d like to know more about either of these incredible co-creative events please feel free to reach Reverend Devi Grace at her Divine Union Academy’s landing page:

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