By Jonathan Robinson: If you’re reading this post when I told you not to, you have discovered something about how the human Mind works.

Your Mind-awakenBesides being curious it often works like a rebellious teenager.  The Mind likes to cause trouble, focus on problems, and doesn’t like to admit it can’t do everything.

The tendencies of the human Mind can make it a great servant in the task of avoiding unpleasant futures, but a terrible master when creating a life of love and inner peace. According to many studies about what helps people live fulfilling, satisfying lives, the number one factor (by far) is the quantity and quality of their relationships.

Unfortunately, we live in an age where many people feel isolated and alone.  Having 1000 Facebook friends does not equal one really good actual friend.

Instead of having your Mind focus on things like money, problems, and the barrage of daily bad news, I suggest you use your brainpower to focus on this important question:

“How can I create friendships that are even deeper and more satisfying?”

When you ask yourself and act on this question, you are focusing your Mind on a direction that will maximize your future happiness. When you are surrounded by caring relationships, life feels good. When you lack such relationships, life feels hollow even if everything else in your life looks good on the outside.

So, how can you create more satisfying relationships?  If you had no fear, how would you go about it?  There are plenty of things you can do: call up an old friend, write a letter of appreciation, buy your mate a surprise gift, provide empathy for someone in need, do an act of kindness for a family member, etc. etc.

Basically, let go of your mind’s tendency to focus on problems, and instead, focus on relationships and the desire to connect. Such an act will feel dangerous to your mind…so it might resist.  But now you know the Mind’s many ploys…you don’t always have to listen to your mind. Instead, you can create a more satisfying life by listening to your Heart…

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