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My #1 Tool For Making Resolutions Stick

by Gabby Bernstein: Happy New Year everyone!Awaken

Phew, can we just take a collective breath right now and honor all that we’ve been through.

While January is traditionally thought to be the perfect time to create change (hello, every “New Year, New You” meme popping up in our IG feeds), unfortunately creating long-lasting results can be a challenge.  There isn’t a magic pill or quick fix to instantly make our goals happen. True change doesn’t allow for shortcuts.

Look, it’s not that resolutions don’t work. In fact, making a resolution can be a powerful choice—as long as you are consistent and commit to your goals. Want some help with the commitment part?

To start, here’s my #1 tool for making resolutions stick.

My #1 Tool To Make Resolutions Stick

Gabby bernstein drinking coffee

The best way to confidently set out to fulfill your resolutions is to repeat new behavior. Repetition and consistency is the key to creating permanent change. Studies show that when you repeat a new practice for 30 days you can shift the neural pathways in your brain. Just by repeating new behaviors, we turn them into positive, long-lasting habits.

My hope for you this year is that you can actually see that consistent, permanent change.

Repeat After Me….

It’s far too often that we see ourselves fall off the resolution track after two weeks. Countless studies show that after two weeks people just completely blow off their goals.

If you truly want that permanent change, it comes with daily repetition and commitment. A Course in Miracles teaches that miracles arise out of conviction. So the miracle of changing a habit or starting to eat healthy, or quitting drinking, or changing your job—those miracles will occur out of conviction. I want you to really go into this year with fierce commitment. Really, really make a desire and commitment to show up every single day repeating that new behavior.

My intention for you is to remember that the process of repetition can be your greatest resource as you embark on the journey of creating a new pattern and new habit this year.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Gabby Bernstein, Step into Your power mantra

I talk a lot about spiritual running buddies. To really help you make your resolution stick is to create a posse to help be your spiritual cheerleaders.  Better yet, there are a few days left to join my 21-Day Manifesting Challenge and you’ll get a support group built right in (me included!).

Often we have to really hold to the commitments that we’re making when we invite other people in on our journey. In the Manifesting Challenge Facebook group, you can post how you’re staying consistent publicly every single day. It’s a great opportunity for us to put it out there and get people to gather around our commitment and our change.

Don’t hesitate to share about it on social media because your friends will hold you to it.

Write It Down

Journaling will set you up to win … all day long. Right when you wake, grab your notebook and write out what you appreciate.  It can be as simple as, “I appreciate my cozy sheets” or a little more personal like, “I appreciate how wonderful my partner is because…” Get that high-vibe feeling as you write each word.

Focusing on everything you appreciate attracts more of it to you.

Then, before bed, write down your wins for the day. Closing out the day by celebrating your miracle moments is a great way to see, in real time, the progress you’re making. Write down all the wins you had that day—even if they seem small, like being first in line at the coffee shop. This is especially helpful if you have a busy brain at night or trouble sleeping. You’ll break free of that negative pattern and shift your focus onto all that is going well.

Join The Manifesting Challenge

If you’re inspired to create permanent change, join me in my Manifesting Challenge.

When you join the Manifesting Challenge, you’ll get my personal instruction and guidance for 21 days! I share the methods I’ve used for years that are guaranteed to get you feeling good, into alignment, and co-creating a life of confidence and fulfillment.

You’ll get the support you need to begin a brand new year with methods that will serve you for a lifetime!

Source: Gabby Bernstein


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