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7 Levels of Awareness We Need To Transition The Earth

by Kirsten Cowart:  This earth and its people are incredible.  Our mother earth is a beautiful place that deserves our respect and contains endless secrets for our evolution. 



In order to tap into our greatest potential we need to start working together, with love and awareness, so that we can transition ourselves and the people around us into higher states of awareness.

Once we reach, stabilize, and master each of these levels of awareness we will be closer and more able to heal the earth and create the world we all yearn for.  As you read each of these sections understand that it is much like building a pyramid within your own soul, with the help of others, in order to support the higher levels you will first need to master the lower levels.  Together we can accomplish everything you read about below.

1. Safety and Security– Before we can work on transforming ourselves we need to feel safe and secure.  Creating transformation on this earth is hard to think about when you are in pain, hungry, or in a space of fear.  In order to transition the earth into a higher plane we need to relieve the suffering of everyone both physically and mentally.

This is where the healers of the earth come into play.  If you have felt a calling in your soul to help other then this section is for you.  Before we can heal the earth and transition mankind into a higher state of awareness we have to make sure that we are healing others.  We must create a loving and nurturing space for other to feel safe, to grow, and to transcend.

People want to grow, naturally, but often they don’t feel like they can because they feel unsafe.  Often the most sensitive people will feel the most lost in society today.  How can they express their feelings and move on to the next level in their awareness if they cannot move outside of fear?

2. Connections & Creation– After someone feels safe the next thing that will help them transition themselves into a higher awareness is through connections with others and through creating.  If you can pair the two then you are set.  Because we are all reflections of the one consciousness there is a lot that we can learn from each other.

Find your tribe, find the people that your soul yearns to be around, and connect with them.  There are many different groups, cultures, and interests out there.  Finding your group of ‘others’ will help you better understand yourself.  This will not only aid in their growth but it will aid in your own as well.  Peering into the mirror of life, through another person’s eyes, will help you to slow down and see yourself more clearly.

Find your passion, even if you are not interested in art or crafting things try it out.  Find a hobby or two and start learning how to create.  Ignite your passions and take up dancing or yoga.  Pair your creating with your connections and learn how to work in a team.  Working with others can be hard at first.  You have to learn how to share in a co-vision with others and be more attached to the experience you have working together then the end results of the project.

Often though as you loose yourself in what you love, with others, you will find that it was successful all along.

3. Self- Confidence and Self Assurance– Once you feel safe, connect with others, and start creating then you will find your self confidence and become sure of yourself.  Mastering a skill or building something you are proud of is a powerful way to physically manifest parts of yourself and your passion into the third dimension.

Many people have some incredible ideas but they still don’t feel confident or sure of themselves.  That may be because they haven’t acted on their dreams.  They haven’t lived their passions or mastered their skill/art of choice.  There is always more time, so don’t be discouraged if you haven’t started living your dreams yet.  Many famous painters, linguists and brilliant minds didn’t start until much after retirement.

Finding yourself is easy when you loose yourself in the work you are passionate about.  Just make sure that you are open minded about this concept.  Remember that your work may be in healing or serving others.  Everyone has something that, with effort and practice, they can become quite masterful at.

4. Open Minded & Connected Hearts– Once people transcend fear, connect with others, begin creating, and find themselves by getting lost in their higher work, they will be able to create higher heart connections with an open mind.  It is time for our species to trust in their hearts once again.  It is time for compassion, love, empathy, and understanding.

Without the first three ingredients it is very hard for a person, no matter how good their intentions are, to hold onto a higher heart centered vibration of endless love and compassion.  Why is this?  It is because without complete acceptance of the true self we are not able to move beyond the ego into the ego-less acceptance of everyone else.

When you are in an open space of love your connections with the people around you grow.  You are able to connect with animals on a higher level as well.  Your hearts all connect in an open and aware state that is likened to a heart telepathy.  Whereas empathy is often feeling each others emotions and pain this heart telepathy shifts into an awareness of another persons soul.  You begin to see them in their highest state of awareness and nurture them into that space.

No matter what happens around you, your heart is still and unmoving in its endless compassion for those around you.  Even if they hurt you, or cause you pain, you see their pain through your own and your love them.

5. Higher Knowledge, True Understanding– Once people transcend fear, meaningfully connect with others, create their passions, and connect their hearts to a higher level of love then they will be able to tap into the higher consciousness and in a sense channel the knowledge they are looking for.

The information will not be filtered through the ego, or any bias of the self because those parts will have been mastered long ago.  This is the space where anyone will be able to tap into mass consciousness (the Akashic records) and have an endless connection with the higher knowledge of the soul.

When you are in a space of flow, within this space, all you need to do is ask a question or be asked a question by another and the information will flow into your mind as easily as if you downloaded it into your memory.  This is truly a place where mankind will be able to find what they need to create the technologies necessary to heal the earth and free everyone else who is trapped in lower levels of consciousness such as fear and doubt.

6. Intuition, Psychic Abilities, Timelessness- Once mankind has overcome fear, connected with each other in creation, manifested their dreams and desires, opened their hearts in higher compassion, and opened the floodgates of endless knowledge they will be balanced and responsible in their awareness enough to manifest their higher powers.

This is the realm of psychic abilities.  Often times people wish to have the power to change the weather, move objects with their minds, heal entire oceans, slow down and change time, and so many other things.  Sometimes people even tap into these abilities from time to time.  However, the abilities seemed limited, inconsistent, and or unstable until a person transitions through the lower states of awareness into this one.

This is the exciting realm of Kairos time (Gods Time) where from the moment you wake up till the moment you go to sleep you are in flow.  You are so in sync with the universe that everything seems to flow effortlessly through you.  Creation becomes ten times more fluid and simple from this space of higher intuition.  Learning becomes as simple as breathing and limits fall away from you completely as you transition into endless freedom.

This is also the realm where telepathic mental communication replaces the need for the limited nature of words.  You send and receive pictures, impressions, stories, and are completely transparent with those whom you share a connection with.

7. Divine Connections, Nature’s will, Protection of higher Transition- Once all of the other states of consciousness are mastered you shift into a space of communion with nature, divinity, and the universe.  This communion makes you a type of guardian or protector over the natural divine flow.  This is the awareness where ultimate wisdom comes from the experience of knowledge.

You have traveled far, mastered yourself, guided others, and are now concerned with the higher flow of consciousness and finding ways to ease the transition of all forms of life into their own divine order.  Often that may look like protecting the rights of people, animals, trees, nature, and the earth herself.

Your compassion and patience for others is endless.  You encourage learning and growth while maintaining the balance that you are guided to fulfill by the higher connections you are beginning to make.  Much of this section is so far beyond words that even though it seems like the end, it is actually just the beginning of a whole new set of experiences, adventures, and levels of awareness.  There are truly no limits here.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider each of these important stages in the development of our awareness.

I would like to thank everyone who influenced and inspired this article including Ray Kamille, Jordan Pearce, Jocelyn Daher, Justin Cowart, Amanda Nix, Jenna Wylie and Lexie Larado.

Kirsten Cowart-awakenKirsten Cowart:  Kirsten is a writer and researcher who loves to practice meditation, yoga, music, travel, spinning swords, and learning everything she can about reality, consciousness, and how to make the world a better place.  You can contact Kirsten though her facebook page or Youtube channel.  Her current interests involve studying and practicing flow, staying in flow, and recognizing the natural flow of the universe.  Kirsten loves to learn about the healing arts, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  She is interested in ancient cultures and practices such as shamanism and Druidism.  Kirsten is excited about promoting and adding to the growing awareness of love and heart centered living in this world.

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