Oprah Winfrey:  “She has used her influence to do for spirituality what Anna Wintour has done for fashion.”Oprah-awakenThe weight-obsessed, book-club-touting, Dr.Phil-praising Oprah has collected her Emmy’s and signed off air. Enter the fire-walking, Earth-transcending, and self proclaimed vibrating Oprah who has traded her slingshot of Pontiacs for a canon of “ah-ha” moments.


She’s poised, regal, and more illuminated than ever. “You are a spiritual being having a human experience” she preaches in a flattering champagne ensemble before a live New York, Skype, and Facebook audience on Monday’s global broadcast of  Life Class: the Tour. She’s about to introduce Deepak Chopra and there’s a sparkle in her eye–a visual rejuvenation not even L’Oréal could promise. It’s as if the end of her talk show has allowed her to slay her insecurities and reincarnate into this generation’s greatest spiritual teacher.

Her OWN network is in fact a Louvre-quality curation of the most tenured spiritual leaders coming together to use television as a platform to help viewers raise their consciousness—a task Oprah has revealed is her true purpose in life.

From her enlightening interviews with Tony Robbins and Bishop T.D. Jakes, to this Monday’s spiritual ‘outing’ of Perez Hilton, the ‘O’ consistently delivers the message of transcendence by banishing fear, opening your heart, and living in the spiritual ‘now.’ But don’t confuse this with ‘aisle 7’ self-help. Just three minutes into Life Class and you don’t feel duped; you feel rejuvenated and eager to absorb.

Oprah has repeatedly said she has always been spiritual and that she has always felt a presence guiding her. We see glimpses of this in her now vintage interviews with Maya Angelou in which her first mantra, “when you know better, you do better” was born.

But her first public foray into the spiritual realm began with the release of The Secret. She popularized the film and brought the metaphysical Law of Attraction into the homes of suburbanites nationwide. Since then, she has used her influence to do for spirituality what Anna Wintour has done for fashion; that is: create a platform for a global conversation via her multitude of media outlets. There’s the network, the magazine, the website, and her ever present Twitter. No Britney-esque manager tweets here. Oprah tweets, and she tweets hard:

@RebeccaLee19 yep! Everybody evolving according to where they are on the vibrational scale. You obviously GET iT it to!” she retweets 3 minutes after the live broadcast of Life Class.

It’s connections like these–the sheer magnetism of Oprah–that reassure us the Law of Attraction is something worth investigating.

Masked by her epicness, we tend to forget that Oprah is charming. And funny. Really funny! She soars in out of octaves like 90s Mariah to deliver her underrated “ooh girl”s and Stedman-Gayle punchlines with the smoothness of a serving of “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s.” She makes us smile, she raises us up. She’s on purpose and she wants us to be too.

Begin your OWN journey by tuning in to Life Class Monday nights at 8:00pm. Don’t get OWN? You can watch live on Facebook.

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