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Kundalini Meditation for Becoming a Channel to Uplift Others

Edited by Donna Quesada: This is a meditation which nurtures your ability to act as a channel to uplift others.

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It does this by awakening our capacity to pull universal energy through our hearts so as to touch the heart of another. Flawed as we may be, we can still reach out to help another and deliver them to the awareness of the infinite beauty of their being.

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose, while gently elongating your spine.

Mudra: Interlace your fingers, and bend your elbows down by the sides of the body. Place the palms of your hands right in front of your diaphragm area.

Breath: Long, deep, conscious breathing. Open yourself to the guidance of spirit… Let your long deep breathing nurture the flow of the divine within.

Eyes: Closed gently.

Mental Focus: Visualize the 30 trillion microcells dancing within you and around you. Then visualize them scattering into the Universe. Dance with them. Invite them to touch the heart of the ones that need help. From there it is in the hands of the divine, not yours. Be a channel for that intelligent love.

Journey deeper. Explore the meditation. Sense that while you can be walking and working with open eyes, you are not limited to your body. You are infinitely bigger. Intimately tied to everything that is. Let the divine force of love take over this body, and carry you through the distance of destiny. Enjoy this feeling!

Now soften. Disintegrate yourself into 30 trillion cells and let the magnetic field move through the power of the planet and the stars. Concentrate on your spine, and visualize it as a tube of light, from your tailbone to the base of your skull. Let your inner light shine brightly.

Keep your eyes closed. What do you see from within? What you see with the inner eye, the third eye, is what matters. Let your electromagnetic field magnify itself and expand outward.

Become a channel to uplift others!

This meditation is courtesy of Kundalini Research Institute.

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