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Contact with God

June 28th, 2013|

A conversation with George Gurdjieff about God.  G: I have already answered this question when someone asked the same thing. I said:  […]

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Gurdjieff ‘s Ideas About Man and the Universe

June 28th, 2013|

A lecture by Kevin Langdon, October 15, 1986: The ideas I’ll be presenting tonight are intended for those who have understood that there is something fundamentally wrong with them as they find themselves to be [...]

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Remembrance and Remembering

June 27th, 2013|

The ever-restless John Bennet scanned the horizon after Gurdjieff’s death in 1949 and independently arrived at certain conclusions while the Paris group settled in to establish its franchise. […]

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A Distant Glimpse of Gurdjieff

June 27th, 2013|

by John Shirley: What is love? What is life? What is death? We’re in the midst of life; we’re all going to die; we all have had experience of love, or we think we have. [...]

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Gurdjieff’s Temple Dances

June 27th, 2013|

Constantinople 1920:  Gurdjieff said, “Change depends on you, and it will not come about through study. You can know everything and yet remain where you are.” […]

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The Sound of Gurdjieff

June 27th, 2013|

Although in the past few years various recordings of the music of G. I. Gurdjieff have been issued and are generally available, […]

Satsang with Mooji

June 23rd, 2013|

Winter 2011 by Sharon Henshall: Mooji sat patiently in my inbox for 6 months! At the moment a friend mentioned his name, I’d emailed myself a message with ‘Mooji’ in the subject-line: my usual method of remembering [...]

Meeting Mooji

June 23rd, 2013|

Spring 2012 Recently back from India, Mooji invites Sharon Henshall into his home and shares his words of wisdom over a few cups of tea… […]

Don’t Resist — Just Observe

June 23rd, 2013|

"If you come to a place of total helplessness, total powerlessness, don´t resist, just observe... You might find something that you have been missing."

The Cause of All Trouble

June 23rd, 2013|

16th of February 2012 - Session 1. Tiruvannamalai, IndiaThis "I am the body" modification of Consciousness is causing all the trouble.

Mooji – Interview with Mooji Advaita and Neo-Advaita

June 22nd, 2013|

This interview with Mooji about and Neo-Advaita is a response to a recent podcast, 'Advaita and Neo-Advaita Pros and Cons'. Mooji speaks more in depth about each of these paths, not dismissing either movement but rather [...]

Mooji: A Non-Teaching Teacher

June 22nd, 2013|

Mooji is a Guide to Truth by Eva D. Hofmann: It is about experiencing being without any mental concepts, influences from outside, preconceptions; just being from which unconditional love will arise. […]

Mooji & The Art Of Emptying My Busy Brain

June 22nd, 2013|

by Lover of Scribbling Words: So, following on from yesterday’s blog on not following the tradition of having a list of ‘doomed to failure’ resolutions and seeking increased personal development. Today I did something I [...]

Sufi Order

June 6th, 2013|

A small collection of video clips from the life of the late Sufi Master, Pir Vilayat Inayat-Khan. […]

A Musical Tribute to Pir Vilayat

June 6th, 2013|

These photos were taken thirteen years back by the musician Miya Shamsuddin Faridi Desai and his son who were invited to perform at Uras Dargha Sufi Inayat Khan by Pir Vilaya Khan. […]

The Awakening

June 1st, 2013|

Images merged with paraphrases from the writings of priest-scientist Teilhard de Chardin, help us to see God everywhere. […]

Stories of Yogananda

May 31st, 2013|

In these television shows Swami Kriyananda gives a talk based on one of his newest books, Conversations with Yogananda. […]