Influential Past Teachers

Is There Hope for the World?

In 1942, Paramhansa Yogananda made the predictions discussed in the following article. by Paramahansa Yogananda: Occasionally one reads dire pronouncements regarding an imminent “end of the world.” The latest prediction of doom was given by a well-known minister in Pasadena, California, who publicly set the “Day of Judgment” for September 21, 1945. When reporters asked […]

Ramana Mahashi on Turiya and Samadhi

Question : Is samadhi the same as turiya, the fourth state? Ramana Maharshi: Samadhi, turiya and nirvikalpa all have the same implication, that is, awareness of the Self. Turiya literally means the fourth state, the supreme consciousness, as distinct from the other three states: waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep.

Ramana Maharshi on Realization

Question : How is realization made possible? Ramana Maharshi: There is an absolute Self from which a spark proceeds as from a fire. The spark is called the ego. In the case of an ignorant man it identifies itself with an object simultaneously with its rise. It cannot remain independent of such association with objects.